Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Some women have a clear idea of how their dream weddings should be like.
Some want fairy tale-like weddings..some aspire for weddings outdoor...others opt for the unconventional ones like the types where in the bride gets to wear red gown and chucks.

Blushing bride
Photo by Wynna Garalde

I, on the other hand, do daydream about THE day as well but not how it will look like or what gown I'd be in.
My dream wedding is more of a situation.
A day when my family is ready to let me go...when I am ready to let them go...when I know for sure in my heart that everything will be alright and that they'll be okay.

Just thinking about it makes me cry.
Equally important as starting a new life with someone is ending the previous one on a great note...
That is why for me, THE wedding day means that I have already made it. That my dream has been realized. That I can already start a new life with someone I love because I've already made sure that the people I'll be leaving behind will be okay.

Until that day...
My sister and I will be happy making other girls' dream wedding a reality.

Wedding at Tukon Chapel, Batanes
Photo by Wynna Garalde

Our first commissioned wedding project is for my sister's office mate and good friend, Bia. The couple both work in the advertising industry so it was no surprise that they wanted quotes to fill their wedding reception.

Popjunklove's scrabble pillows
for the couple's prenup photos

It was a bit of a challenge, for us, because the venue didn't allow the use of tapes and nails. Everything should either be hung or stuck to the ground. My sister and I also had a misunderstanding as to the scope of the venue. As my sister put it, the enormous venue dwarfed the decor.

Good thing the couple was too happy to notice. They assured us that they loved the decor. *sigh* Another good thing that came out from the project was my sister's realization that she loves typography. Now, I often find her doodling words on her notebooks or practicing her calligraphy skills. I have Bia and Pau to thank for that.

My sister and I were more involved on our second commissioned wedding project. It was for my best friends, Anna and Alex, who are both Dubai-based. The bride wanted to have a destination wedding so some of my friends and I went to Batanes last year to do an ocular of the island.

Since we were the ones here in the Philippines, we basically had to arrange almost everything. From admin errands like contacting reception caterers to buying alcohol for the party a week before the implementation of the sin tax law, my friend Manman and I were on top of it all.

My sister and I took charge of the decoration details (of course!!!) With a few pegs from the bride, we created all the details of her dream wedding from scratch.

From the invitation cover...

To the table runners, cupcake toppers and napkin holders...

Every little detail was a labor of love.

The reception was held at Batanes' infamous lighthouse on Naidi Hills. Since the place was already too beautiful as it is, we only needed minor but classy details to boost the venue. I swear, even without the decor, the place is already surrounded by paradise.

Paradise from all angles

We wanted a cohesive look for the reception so there's always something that connects each detail to the other.

Wooden signages all around the venue gave the reception's rustic vibe an extra kick. Most of the lettering were cursive to complement the wedding details that involved calligraphy.

Notice that the signages also had handmade felt flower details. These were incorporated also in almost every decor of the reception.

Since we made use of wires for the flower details, we used it as well to make table numbers, stirrers and bookmarks for the couple's souvenir...all were painstakingly twisted by hand.

In case, you're wondering about the charms used here, these were weathered shards of glass that the bride and I personally picked up from the shores of some of Batanes' beaches. Talk about giving the wedding a dose of local charm! :)

Despite all the stress that accompany weddings, all these were forgotten as soon as the bride walked down the aisle.

All the stressful thoughts and feelings suddenly got replaced by a surge of overwhelming happiness that can put anyone to tears.

Yes, friends, I cried...a lot!
...a lot!!!

Now I'm worried.

I don't think waterproof make up would be enough on my wedding day.

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