Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"Honey, when's your last bazaar?"
"La Vista Bazaar, December 15-16...", I said.

A day after...
"Hon, Popjunklove got invited to the Miriam Grade School Fair so we'll have an event Monday and Tuesday after La Vista. That's the last. Promise. I'll rest after!", I assured him.

Then the day after that...
"Hon, do you think I can still restock for December 19-23? We got invited again in Alabang...", I asked in the sweetest voice possible.

Dead air...
In his sweetest, most understanding voice possible, my guy said, "Hon, maybe you earned enough already? Maybe you should rest after Miriam."
I used the same voice when I asked my Mom and Dad.
It didn't work as well.

Why we love joining bazaars

I can't seem to say "NO" to opportunities.
I know deep down that I may not have enough time to restock for 9 consecutive bazaar days but my mind is telling me that I want to do it and that I have to make it work.
"December only happens once a year", I thought.

As I am writing this entry, I have exactly one hour to confirm my slot in the December 19-23 event.
I still haven't decided.
Dilemma! I know!!!

Amid all the chaos though, God has this to say to me.
He always speaks when I ask.
In case you are at a crossroad as well...
Maybe this verse that I happen to stumble upon today of all days can help...

God opens and shuts doors
There are critical times in our lives when we especially need to know we are hearing clearly from God. It isn't always easy to know His voice from that of our own emotional reasoning. But I know from experience that God can open doors of opportunity that no one can close, and He can also close doors that we cannot open.

I spent many years trying to organize things I wanted to do in life. The result was frustration and disappointment. But I found that if we depend on God, He will give us favor and make things easy for us when we seek Him and His perfect timing. He leads one step at a time. If you take one step forward in the wrong direction, He will let you know before you go too far.

Be aware that His thoughts are above your thoughts. He sees the end from the beginning. All His ways are right and sure. He knows what makes sense for your life and He can make it happen. Hear from Him and you will not be deceived.

Prayer Starter: God, I trust You to open the right doors in my life and shut the wrong ones. Even when I don't know what to do, I have faith that I can hear from You and follow Your will.

Joyce Meyer,  Promises for Your Everyday Life

Is that a YES or a NO?
What do you think?

PS: I miss you guys.

Need to get back to work now,

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