Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Pets like to cuddle more when you're sick or depressed. Did you know that?
Like they can sense that you need to be taken care of so they'll just stay with you 'til you're okay.
Parents, siblings, twins, friends are said to have this keen sense as well whenever a loved one needs help.
Even if you don't tell them...sometimes, they just know.

In Dog heaven already...
We miss you Whitey.

If you've been following my adventures, I'm sure you know that my Dad and I don't often agree on a lot of things.
The title, I know, is ironic because I rarely ask for his advice. On times that I do, more often than not, we end up fighting.

The same goes for my personal life.
My Dad and I will always be here for each other but we're just not the sharing type.
However, I notice that on days that my personal life is a bit shaky, he can immediately sense it even if I hide what I really feel behind a big smile.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yup, that's my no. 1 rule to prevent a burnout.
By the time I post this, I'm most likely in Lago, Batangas already...having the grandest time with my friends.
Right now though, I just finished marking a couple of our designs on fabric, again, in preparation for the Christmas season.

More Totoros and Grumpy Lumpy Space Princesses! :)

I actually wanted to make a few more bags before I go on vacation mode but I'm really tired and I don't like 'making' in this condition.

Peppermint Butler Bag :)

So to pump up my mood, I decided to do a DIY project for me and my friends instead.
Doing something that excites me is very therapeutic so that's my second rule when you're on the verge of going gaga from your daily routine...


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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Just dropping by to say hello.

Lately, it's all about preparing for the Holiday rush because last year, I remember not really feeling Christmas. My sister and I were so busy finishing all orders that needed to be delivered before THE DAY that THE DAY almost passed us by.

Some of Popjunklove's latest plushies

Trying to change that this year so as early as now, we're stocking up on some items that we think will be hits this season. 

One of the events we will be joining this season!
Come visit us there! :)

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's 10:30 in the evening as I'm writing this entry.
Staring at my unstuffed Star Wars Collection and actually thinking of finishing all of them tonight.
Presently texting my guy...telling him not to worry too much.
I've been having severe headaches lately...possibly because I lacked sleep for the past few weeks trying to finish all our handmade orders.
This is how he described me.
He made sure to clarify though that the term was not a compliment.

Popjunklove's Yoda and Adventure Time-inspired babies

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