Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Especially if all your friends fly off to Far Far Away and you're forced to watch them leave as a show of support...

Papi and Lauren in a place "where there are happily ever afters"
Photo by Manman Angsico

Map and my guy off to Singapore as well for the Singapore Open 2012

Or if you've missed priceless moments like your guy catching a crucial end zone pass or your sister winning yet another international award in her field...

Team Pilipinas bags the gold!
My guy and Nina showing off their gold medals
Photo by Map Pangilinan

Also in Singapore, Milton and my sister
celebrating the fact that they're officially one of the country's top young creatives!

Yes, sometimes...
...it sucks big time.

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Monday, September 10, 2012


At least, for me, that's the no. 1 rule.
You can't call yourself a crafter, right, if you don't make?

Latest from our Harry Potter-inspired collection, a cheerful Draco Malfoy

I usually share this rule in talks whenever I encourage my audience to create things from junk.
Often, the immediate reaction is, "But we don't know how."

"Try and try until you succeed!"

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I was supposed to write an entry about promoting your products on Facebook but since I am a believer of writing something about what interests/intrigues/boggles my mind most at the moment...I am sharing my two cents first about some of the most common problems faced by creators-innovators-crafters.

I woke up today to the message of Nikki Abs, the brain and soul of another quirky local shop called Junk Studio.

I first met her a few years back at a Global Pinoy event. It's an annual bazaar that showcases Pinoy-made items. 
Like us, Nikki was among the few local crafters then who upcycle junk and transform them into one-of-kind quirky items.
She was the first one who we saw carry accessories with charms made of old keyboards and piano keys.
Today, she laments how others find it so easy to replicate another crafter's creation and sell these knock offs at much cheaper rates.

Some of Nikki's latest handmade items
Photo from here

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