Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's 10:30 in the evening as I'm writing this entry.
Staring at my unstuffed Star Wars Collection and actually thinking of finishing all of them tonight.
Presently texting my guy...telling him not to worry too much.
I've been having severe headaches lately...possibly because I lacked sleep for the past few weeks trying to finish all our handmade orders.
This is how he described me.
He made sure to clarify though that the term was not a compliment.

Popjunklove's Yoda and Adventure Time-inspired babies

During my two-week long absence here, I received an email from a very qualified lady applying for work in Popjunklove. I replied and admitted to her that at the present, Popjunklove is basically just me and my sister.
I assured her that once we decided to expand, she will be the first one we'll consider.

A friend of mine told me that I should start leveraging my time if I want to expand my business faster.
Told him that I'm just trying to find the balance between handmade and mass production.
Is there?
Is there a balance?
Or are these two concepts inherently contradictory?
I know from all the success stories that I've read that mass production is the only way our products can reach more people.
More people means more resources means big business means success...
In a way, I agree...I mean...I can only do so much, right?
Whatever I do, my day will just be 24 hours. 
No matter how strong I force myself to work, my hand and body can only go on a few days without rest.
If I don't find a way to mass produce, my business will only be as big as the number of items that my tiny hands can handle, correct?

But then...
Mass production means my babies will lose the spirit of handmade.
Do I really want that?
I suddenly asked myself if I really want to go big as in -- all-malls-in the-country-has-a-Popjunklove-store kind of big or if I just want a quaint craft cafe where I can do handmade without the pressure of mass producing?

The few of our babies left in a store in Rockwell

I didn't have much time to re-evaluate my goals though because orders still need to be finished and projects need to be realized.
So as always, I just did...what I always do...despite bouts of nausea and intense headache from exhaustion...

An artist friend once asked me how I can still make when my body's saying no and my creative mind's rebelling to the seeming routine?
Based on his experience, he said, it's hard to make when your creative spirit is forced into doing something you're too tired to do.

I told him that I just...
Imagine...they are willing to trade their hard-earned money for something I create.
I couldn't be any luckier than that, right?

As to figuring out where I want Popjunklove to be in the future...I'll just do my best everyday and I'll let God do the rest.

Eating something sweet to boost my mood!

Tired and missing everyone,

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  1. Hey Girl ... work is work but your wellbeing is equally important. I do agree with your artist friend ... you can't generate the best of you when you are not at your best. Yes, time may not be on your side but short catnaps in between can do your body and mind a lot of good ... a refreshed mind, body and spirit energizes your vibes to the Universe.

  2. Super thank you Wenny! :) I agree..I agree 100%. Sometimes, I just say it's all in the mind like what "TheSecret"teaches us! Haha. But I do agree! I should take a nap right this instant! :)

  3. Handmade gets interpreted loosely in the US. Usually it means mass produced components that could then be easily (quickly) assembled by hand. Would that help you achieve the balance???

    Get some rest my friend!

    1. Hi Ric! :) Unfortunately our items cannot be easily assembled by hand. They really are labor-intensive! :) Thanks for the help though! :)

  4. Hi sister Roma!

    "Listen to your body" it knows when to stop and when to go on and continue making those cute babies :) I fully support Pop Junk Love sis!

    1. Thank you sister Geli! I had an eight-hour sleep today!!! :)

  5. These dilemmas could mean both bad news and good news on your part...Good news because all these intense work and demand only mean that you're already getting recognized (which is quite difficult to achieve for most handmade artists in quite a short period of time). This may very well be the start of your shining star. The bad news is, with more recognition comes more work, of course. We have always been plagued by the question on what exactly are the boundaries between life and work (of a self-employed handmade artists such as us). But I read somewhere that there aren't really boundaries. That this life, once led, "Work will actually eat life for breakfast."
    But hold on to it sis...better work hard on something you really love than be a slave of something just to fit into a mold that society thinks better for you. And on expansion, am sure your heart knows what to do. Hugs!

    1. Work is having a great breakfast then Aiz! Masarap ata life ng crafters! :)

  6. when it's handmade, it doesn't necessarily mean your hands. i think getting help and asking others to make your items is not a bad idea. explore social entrepreneurship. train people who need livelihood. as long as you have strict quality control, then you are true to your brand.

    1. Great insight Mariel! I'm actually looking into that. The task though just seems daunting.

  7. Remember to rest well Roma. It'll be harder if (and I hope not) you get sick. :(

  8. Rest, rest, Romama! :D Your plushies are adorable as always.


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