Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yup, that's my no. 1 rule to prevent a burnout.
By the time I post this, I'm most likely in Lago, Batangas already...having the grandest time with my friends.
Right now though, I just finished marking a couple of our designs on fabric, again, in preparation for the Christmas season.

More Totoros and Grumpy Lumpy Space Princesses! :)

I actually wanted to make a few more bags before I go on vacation mode but I'm really tired and I don't like 'making' in this condition.

Peppermint Butler Bag :)

So to pump up my mood, I decided to do a DIY project for me and my friends instead.
Doing something that excites me is very therapeutic so that's my second rule when you're on the verge of going gaga from your daily routine...


Last time I went out of town, my friends and I explored the wonderful island of Batanes to do an ocular for my friends' wedding this April.
They're here by the way from Dubai. That's why we're going on a trip again.

Wedding planning :)

Since I didn't have goodies for them from Batanes, I'll just surprise them this weekend with accessories made from shards of weathered glass that I picked up from Batanes shores.
Just the thought of upcycling makes me feel giddy already!!!

Rule no. 2, effective indeed! :)

So for this project, I used two kinds of scraps from our house --
One, the shards of glass...

and two, our twisty-wires-gone-wrong.
I really hate throwing away things.

Using my trusty pair of pliers, I just straightened out the messed up wires and wrapped them around the glass bits. I looped the end of the wires so I could insert connectors later on.

After an hour...
Ta-daaaaah! :)

Oh...I super can't wait to show you pictures of my friends wearing these!
For now though, give me tips on how you cope with stress! :)

sporting my new necklace! :)

Off to La-la land,

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  1. oh i do that wire thing on my beautiful stones din! :) nice roma! :) nako cant wait for alabama na talaga! haha!:)

  2. Very beautiful! :)
    Enjoy your well deserved break sister! ;)

  3. grabe! ang galing naman, theyr're so cute... u are very talented!

    1. Thank you Crickette! :) Gave them away already! :) They loved it! :)

  4. You girls are always so productive! If my internet connection allows it, I will post my interview with you two today :)

  5. Thanks Idol! :) Can't wait to see it! :)

  6. Your creations turned out beautifully! How was your trip? Are you gearing up for the holiday rush? Hope all is well my friend.

  7. Hi Rick! Yes, definitely gearing up for the rush! :) I'll post an update soon! Hope you're doing well also Rick! Ca't wait to spend time just checking out your entries! :)


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