Monday, September 10, 2012


At least, for me, that's the no. 1 rule.
You can't call yourself a crafter, right, if you don't make?

Latest from our Harry Potter-inspired collection, a cheerful Draco Malfoy

I usually share this rule in talks whenever I encourage my audience to create things from junk.
Often, the immediate reaction is, "But we don't know how."

"Try and try until you succeed!"

Remember when we were kids, we just love trying out new things. 
Since we don't know a thing about anything...

We just did and did and did without fear of being wrong or getting hurt.
We tasted inedible, dirty toys. 
We touched candle flames.

We drew on just about anything...on floors, on walls, on cars.
Before...every space was our canvas.

As we got older, we stopped doing all these.

Somewhere along the way, we learned what we should and should not do.
In a way..that's okay...because life needs a set of boundaries.
However, in the process of instilling these boundaries in our heads, we stopped learning new things and  we started running away from risks.

Instead of picking up a crayon, we just don't because we already know we can't draw.
Boundaries to achieve a semblance of order became synonymous to limitations.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to be with some of the country's comics artists during the "Road to Gtmaccon 2" event organized by the University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts (UP A.M.E).
Popjunklove was a minor sponsor of the event aimed at promoting Pinoy komiks.

Practice makes perfect!
My sister's current obsession -- handlettering!

Artist Andrew Villar, the heart and soul of Ambush Comics, asked us, "Do you draw also?"
I said, "Not really but we try. That's the only way we can make plushies!" 

Doodling our next set of plushies

For us to make things...
We need to learn things.
To learn, we need to decide that we want to learn.

This means...committing to doing the uncomfortable.

Our plushies, our items...
These are all results of doing the uncomfortable.

Our minion and totoro -inspired babies :)

In my talks, I often share this secret to my audience ---
My sister and I weren't born crafters.
We didn't grow up sewing or making friendship bracelets.
Heck, when we made our first shirt pin, it might have been our first time to ever pick up a pair of pliers.
My follow-up confession usually goes like this --
"So to those who bought stuff from us in 2007, feel free to return them and ask for refund. I'm sure our stuff then are already broken by now."

Good thing my audience seems to find my confession funny...
I used to lose sleep then thinking of all those easy-to-break bracelets that I made.
Hey, our bracelets wouldn't be sturdy now right, if we didn't experiment then?

Roma, Roma, Roma...
I see that you're still trying to justify yourself.

Some of Popjunklove's latest accessories

Oh! Before I forget...
"Making things" doesn't only apply to crafting!
I'm sure everyone dreams of doing something too.
Whether it's in showbiz or in business or in science or in sports...

We need to "make things happen" if we don't want "what ifs" in life.

Do it!

If you don't know how...

You're never too old!
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  1. Lovely stuff here, I'm impressed!
    Wanna follow each other? I'm following this cute blog right now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!
    Last time by Ylenia Labate

  2. Lot's a good messages in this post!!! Many, many kids in the US don't know how to persevere. If they're not good at something right away, they don't want to do it. I feel bad for them because they'll never feel the sense of accomplishment that you and your sister get from your business.

    Keep going Roma! :)

  3. It took me four attempts to get through the captchas...very frustrating, but I persevered! :)

    1. I had to research on what captchas are! Haha! Don't worry Rick! I have the same problem with almost all blogs. Even humans are having a hard time reading those (or is it because I'm using an IPAD)... maybe computers are getting smarter so captchas are getting harder??? Oh, I don't know! Haha :)

  4. I really admire your passion Roma! :)Hope to meet more fellow crafters like you <3 Saw you last craft fair at Alabama (was my first time to join and I didn't know anybody, and I was alone at my booth!! haha), and I thought you looked familiar..Are you from UPD? Anyway, your work is amazing! And really inspiring :) Hope to see you next fair!

    1. Thank you Nike! :) Yes, I'm from UPD! I wasn't able to go around also. I tried taking photos of everybody pero medyo madilim na, hindi na kinakaya ng Ipad ko! :) haha! Thank Nike for the kind words! Hope we could talk more in person during fairs! :)

  5. you are awesome! that's so true that you should just keep crafting. i write and that's what they say you should do too!!! i've been wearing my beautiful neon necklace. i do need to take a photo with it soon and post it. for some reason i haven't been taking very many photos. with the oldest in kinder and the three kiddos, i've been having trouble keeping up with my blog! but i promise to do it soon because i'm so thankful and LOVE the necklace so much!!!

    1. Don't worry Claire! :) I will patiently wait to see our necklace in one of your posts! :)

  6. You're right! Never stop crafting, never stop learning new things and never stop until i got the right captcha! I thought i need to have my eyes checked coz of this! lol!

    1. Hi Airees! Welcome to my blog! :) Your comments started off my morning! :) You really went through my posts and I appreciate it! Hope to see you in one of the bazaars! :)

  7. oh gosh... tell me about it... i get so lazy on making things sometimes... idk how you guys do it.

  8. Making things is what keeps me sane. I often wonder what people who don't have hobbies do when they've nothing to do. Haha

    1. most likely watch tv or sleep :) If that's what makes them happy... :)


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