Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Especially if all your friends fly off to Far Far Away and you're forced to watch them leave as a show of support...

Papi and Lauren in a place "where there are happily ever afters"
Photo by Manman Angsico

Map and my guy off to Singapore as well for the Singapore Open 2012

Or if you've missed priceless moments like your guy catching a crucial end zone pass or your sister winning yet another international award in her field...

Team Pilipinas bags the gold!
My guy and Nina showing off their gold medals
Photo by Map Pangilinan

Also in Singapore, Milton and my sister
celebrating the fact that they're officially one of the country's top young creatives!

Yes, sometimes...
...it sucks big time.

Even if you can afford it...
...the instability of self-employment just doesn't let you go on a splurge-today-because-payday-is-just-around-the-corner  mode. 
You always think twice before spending because you just don't know when the next 'lean days' will hit.

I was asked before by Solar Business Correspondent Kim Go if I already consider myself successful...
I had to really pause first before answering.
First thing that came to mind was 'No...'
Since I have a clear vision of where to take Popjunklove, I knew deep down that my sister and I still have a long way to go.
Not wanting to sound negative though, I just said...
"If I can already sleep at night without fear that I  might not be able to make ends meet the following day, then that's the only time I can consider myself successful."

Report by Kimberly Go, Solar News, August 2012

Halfway through the sentence though...
I remembered all the leaps and sacrifices we've made...
Friends we've gained and people we've indirectly inspired during our five years in business...
And immediately...I felt like I needed to qualify my answer...

"I don't consider myself unsuccessful though...

The journey to success is like a long marathon with mini-finish lines along the way. 
Arriving at each finish line is success in its own right and I believe my sister and I have already reached a couple."

From just 300 last year! Wohoo! :)

Remembering this eureka moment in one of my interviews made their Singapore vacation (without me!) a bit bearable...
Consistency and focus are keys to success so I just did what I always do...whether I am up or I am down.

I made.

Popjunklove's latest :) Adventure-time inspired plushies

Who says they're the only ones who can go on an adventure? :)

With one of my companions while everyone's away

Super happy they're home,

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  1. We are successful in our own little ways, sister Roma :) Someday we can sleep at night and wake up in a different country because our businesses are able to make ends meet ;)

    We can do this!

  2. you are definitely succesful. i can't believe how much you've persevered and how you gave up your other job to do what you love! seriously you're amazing. and i love the new plushies. they're soooooo cute! you are very talented, Roma.


    1. Claire, your words always lift me up! Thank you!

  3. Clair said it perfectly! Your day will come, without a doubt.

  4. Ahh don't sweat it, as other lovely people here said, your day will come ;)

  5. You are halfway there! And surely being jobless sucks! But being in a job you hate is just plain rotten. Cheers to us courageous indies!!!

    1. I agree Aiz!!! :) It's just a matter of focusing on the good stuff! :)


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