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I once asked my friend Tishie if her magazine has a DIY section.
"Unfortunately, no.", she said.
Unlike women in the States, apparently, most Filipino women just don't have the time for craft.
I understand. Really.
With work, children and household errands, who has time to do her own necklace, right?

Handmade creations by Pinay Crafters

I have to admit though that I was a bit sad after learning this info.
I sincerely believe that "making" is a form of empowerment and to know that many Pinays have yet to tap in to this potential source of power and satisfaction just made me sad.

I agree that "making" takes more time and effort (at first) compared to just buying an accessory, for instance.
The process, however, I believe, is a transformative one which makes it all worth the trouble.
It makes "doers" out of people.
I cannot underscore enough how hard it is to pick up your first pliers or rummage through your old clothes for the first time looking for stuff to reinvent.
To actually go though the hassle means you've decided, you've committed and you've taken action.
This, my friends, is empowerment.
And oh...along the've already helped Mother Earth by've taught kids at home to do the same...and you've gained an item with MORE VALUE.
All these because you picked up your first pliers!!!! :)

My first attempt to sculpt wire
If you want a professional...
my friend Ming of Kathang Kamay does this better...

But I guess just like plastic surgery, I just have to wait for the day that "crafting" becomes the trend. 
'Til then, I want to recognize some Pinay crafters who are "making" things happen now.
My sister and I met them at our very first craft soiree organized by Alessa of Life After Breakfast.

Craft Soiree held at Pipino, a vegan resto in QC

Christmas season is just around the corner so you just might want to take a look at their wonderful creations first before opting for the mass-produced ones.

1. Watercolour creations by Alessa of Life After Breakfast
2. Illustrations by Jamie of Bite-size Accessories
3. Bracelets by Roma of Roma Amor
4. Washi tapes and cards by Mansi of Hey Kessy
5. Handmade cards by Lorra of Stars for Dreams
6. Clay accessories by April of Artisan Design Studio
7. Crochet coasters by Koni of Candidly Pretty
8. Handpainted Chopsticks by Fran. Email her
9. Calligraphy by Fozzy of The Fozzy Book
10. Handpainted tees by Dan of Doodle Dan
11. Handmade notebook by Illustrator Isabel Silva
12. Paper wallets by Mikko of I Try DIY
13. Crocheted doll by Imana Alonzo of
14. Crochet necklace by Jenny
15. Paper flower by Vicky
16. Handmade headband from scraps by Selvi
17. See those pretty floppy disks in this entry's first photo...
they're from Angela of Design Love Triangle

My sister and I tried our best to remember all our groupmates.
If we forgot some of you, please feel free to comment below so I can include you here. :)
For the detailed list of the other crafters who were not in our group, Lorra of Star for Dreams gave a review of their crafts too.

It was nice meeting everyone.

sporting my now favorite handmade headband and necklace from the soiree!

Pick up those pliers now,
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  1. Stupid me, I forgot to include my business card with my craft. Hi, I'm the maker of the illustrated diskettes. :D

    The stuffed doll is from a girl named Imana, I believe.

    1. Yey! Thanks for the info angela! :) Ill edit this as soon as I can! :)

  2. Inggit ako! When was this soiree? :) Sana magkaroon pa ng next :) I'd also like to meet crafters!! <3

    1. Hi Colleen! Just last sat! :) Follow Alessa's Life after Breakfast blog :) I provided the link above! :) She organizes these crafternoons! :)

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)
    We missed this :( Hope to join next time :)

    1. super fun geli sister!!! hope you can join next time! :)

  4. so coolio! i wish i am as talented and crafty as you girls are!

    toni perfumed red shoes

    1. anyone can be crafty Toni! :) It takes practice! :)

  5. It IS a sad state? Should we start a DIY-focused zine of some sort? :)

  6. Roma, you are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you for the gorgeous fringe necklace. i LOVE the neon yellow color and it goes with everything because it's bright and fabulous! and you are fabulous for sending it to me. I love crafting but have to admit I'm not always that good at it. possibly because i'm not meticulous :) but again, thank you for the gorgeous necklace, i will be wearing it in a post and linking back to you. you are so sweet for sending it to me!!!

  7. Finally you got it!!! :) I'm happy you love it Claire! Just let me know if you've posted your outfit already because I want to see it on you!!! :) Thanks Claire!

  8. Love your blog & hope you'll follow me back.

  9. Hello fellow crafters! Can you please answer the following questionnaire? Thank you very much in advance :)

  10. Hello, just wondering again about the letter wiring "make", I bought my first pliers and wires but I think my wires are too thin. How thick are the wires you're using?

  11. Simple tot he point and very informative enhanced my knowledge a lot...


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