Monday, July 9, 2012


'You're hired."
This was the text message that I woke up to yesterday morning.
Closed my eyes again to sleep.

*phone beeps for the second time*
"You start today."
Forced my eyes to open. Stood up.
My Monday officially started.

My sister's word art :)

Right after news of our defeat, I had little time to mope.
I needed to move on and find other ways to make my change in career work.
While I keep saying to myself that I just got to do what I do best, being constantly fearful and worried is not a good state to be in especially for people like me who rely on a clear, free mind for creative juices to flow.
Taking on this part-time writing gig, I believe, is my attempt to strike a balance.
I could still devote most of my day on my craft and upcycling projects...I just need to wake up earlier than usual.
While it may seem I'm only giving my 95% instead of my 100%, defeating my initial objective of resigning so I could give EVERYTHING on my business, let's see if my less worried 95% version is better than fearful 110% Roma.

If it starts interfering with my business, I can always resign, right? At least at the end of the day, I can say with conviction that doing just one thing is the best road to take.

Popjunklove booth at the 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair

Over the weekend, I got an anonymous email from a reader for the first time since I started blogging. I'm still looking for her blog but I can't seem to find her. If you're reading this, email me back! :)
My anonymous blogger commended my decision to make the jump and hoped that my move would inspire others to make more out of their lives too. 
Personally, she said that she's a dreamer too but the need for security is a reality most can't escape. 

My sister, Maan, and I at our first craft fair :D

In the future, I hope I can say to Paradiser Blogger with a straight face that there is a way to balance our dreams and our reality. For now though, I'm still on my way to finding out if there is.

Good news for some of my readers, if you're just too afraid to resign and find out for yourself, I already did it for you. Follow my journey and let's learn together.

Our first batch of Totoro-inspired plushies! Sold out! Yey :)

Your guinea pig,

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  1. you were so young Ms. Roma! God will help you through! Don't worry. :)

  2. ahhh those totoros are sooooo cute! i should get one for my husband! he loveeees totoro!

  3. Hi, Roma! It's me, "Paradiser". I just gave up everything (including my own writing gig) to focus on making the most out of my passion. :) It's crazy and it's making me feel panicked somehow, but I get the sense that everything's going to be all right as long as I keep working on improving my craft.

    I hope your writing gig turns out well and that you find the balance you need - mine was pretty great and helped me get by. However, I had to quit because of some family concerns I needed to focus on. So there's more pressure to make my new plans work or else it's all for naught. (I hope and I'll strive to get everything in full swing by August.)

    Sorry for rambling! Again, thanks for being an inspiration to every crafter out there - independent or not - and for everyone else who's afraid to take a leap of faith. :)

    See you around!

  4. u have nice writting although its rather hard for fool me to understand.dont worry a dreamer and i believe that dream is also life...well we dreaming when we're alive
    maybe we can fllw each other?

  5. You are an inspiration. The time to take a chance is while you're you won't have to look back and wonder "what if".


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