Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY CHALLENGE 1: How to make a necklace from your old T-shirt

Hey everyone!
This is my first tutorial for my DIY CHALLENGE page.
As a way to move forward from our recent defeat, gave my blog...sort upgrade.
What do you think? :)

I sincerely believe that change is good so here I am, trying out new things.
I made this tutorial with mommy blogger, Czjai, in mind.
She'll be trying it out for herself as a way of helping Popjunklove educate readers on the beauty of DIY and upcycling.

Try it out for yourself if you have time.
Your old T-shirt might already be calling out to you...begging you to give it new life! :)

It's best to use old stretchy cotton shirts that cling to the body when worn. 
Other DIY-ers call the material jersey. 
Step 3 -- *each, not "its"! Gosh..
(And oh...All photos are property of Roma is Love so please acknowledge if you'll share them.)

VOILA!!! :)

There are other versions of this. Over at our shop, we have necklaces with funkier, brighter colors.

There are also other versions on how to do this necklace on the internet. 
You can follow any one of them especially if they're easier to understand.
So long as you use old t-shirts for your DIY project then I'm already happy with that.

'Til our next DIY challenge,
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  1. This is amazing Roma! I'm no good at looking at something and seeing something else it could be.

    1. Thanks rick! :) now you know what you can do with your old shirt! :)

  2. thanks for the uber bright idea. I've already made mine. <3 <3

  3. I tried and I failed. Haha. I think the material was all wrong so it refused to curl.:( still passable I guess. Will get my order from you this weekend.:)

  4. Thanks Rose!

    Tishie, The material should be stretchy like your brown one shoulder blouse! :)

  5. Roma, this is soooo cool! thank you for sharing it! hmm...i think i should try it. i can even do one for my kiddos!!!

  6. HI claire! Try it out okay and let me see how it turned out!!! :)

  7. Amazing , it is! I actually made some last April. ;) Can't wait for your other DIY suggestions.

  8. Thanks rika! I'll post more soon! :)


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