Monday, June 4, 2012


I spent the past couple of weeks...just making stuff.

Popjunklove's DIY Tassel Necklace

Orders were slow but I was determined to be productive no matter what.
So I made...

DIY Pouch from my old pair of jeans
and old crayon holders

...and made...

DIY Tassel earrings

...and made...

DIY T-shirt Necklace from old t-shirts

Then, one afternoon...a text from an organizer of a bazaar.

"P100,000 for the winning business...another P30,000 for the winning product, " I read quietly.
Heart racing, I checked the forms that I need to fill and deadlines that I need to meet.

"May 25, 2012..."

My heart sank. 
We were already 6 days past the deadline.
Thinking it was a mistext on the organizer's part, I told her that it was unfortunate that Popjunklove wasn't able to submit the requirements on time.

Then, the text...
"No Ma'am. It was extended 'til today..."

We've been participants of this bazaar for years now.
This is the first time that they're giving a prize to the winning business...
...and it's definitely the first time that they contacted us to join.
Given that it's a popular bazaar, the organizers do not go to the concessionaires...the concessionaires go to them.

I closed my eyes and prayed.
"Lord, is this it?"

In a competition with real judges guided by a set of criteria...

I believe my sister and I really have a shot.
We have a story, a mission and a dream.

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It's a competition based on shopper votes and you know how that usually goes...
The business with the most number of friends wins...

So here I am...appealing to all my local friends here in blogosphere to support our small, upcycling business. Visit our booth at the Rockwell Tent on June 15-17, 11am-10pm. Shoppers will be given two ballots-- one for their business of choice and the other for their featured product bet.

For my friends here who won't be able to join us, a prayer for us would be more than enough.

For those who don't know us yet...
We are two craft-loving, bickering sisters who put up an online business in 2007 to help the family. With not much to start with, we decided to transform junk to one-of-kind functional pieces. We've been spreading the love for upcycling ever since.

Our dream is to someday put up a small craft shop where we can share our love for upcycled crafts over a hot cup of chocolate and cupcakes.

Vote for Popjunklove poster made by a fan :) Such a sweetheart! 


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  1. Your blog has a new look! Tagal na ba nito? Hehehehe! I love the tassle necklace, I should really visit your site when I have time.

    Anyway, hope you can join or help promote my "blog contest". Pretty please?

  2. matagal tagal na rin crickette :)

  3. I wish I could vote...I will in spirit!

  4. I know you would rick! thank you! :)

  5. Roma, you are so talented and always make the cutest stuff! i love this tassel necklace and how cute those earrings too! you are so creative!

    1. Thanks Claire :) As soon as the bazaar is over..we'll be studying how we cn start shipping our rpoducts abroad :)

  6. Good luck! Will promote in my blog as soon as I have the will to post again. Haha. Btw, been meaning to order a t-shirt necklace. Will text you!

    1. Thanks tishie :) Visit our booth..we'll be displaying our tshirt necklaces there :)

  7. Good luck! You've got the drive to make it work!


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