Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been a week since Rockwell's The Next Big Thing bazaar.
Like a kid who has a big day coming up, I barely slept following the 3-day competition.
The organizers said they will announce the winner this week.

More photos of the bazaar here

To keep myself from going insane, I kept myself usual.
Some of our latest creations are these DIY necklaces from gold wires and old t-shirts.

Gold Twisties

Fringe Necklace from old t-shirts

Just last week, I spent almost an entire day in a shoot for another episode for "Good News".
In case you're in the same state as me (currently worrying to death)...then, here's a useful DIY project to distract you from your thoughts.

The entire video can be seen here but for my non-Tagalog speaking's a step-by-step guide on how to give life to your old umbrellas at home.


1. Look for an old, unloved vinyl tablecloth at home.
Cut patterns big enough to cover the holes in your umbrella.

The patterns do not necessarily have to be the same size as the hole.
They can be bigger depending on the umbrella design you have in mind. 

2. Put hot glue on the side of the tablecloth with cotton lining.

3. Patch it on the hole after a few seconds to ensure that the
hot glue will not melt the umbrella.


Often times, rusted umbrella handles are no longer adjustable.
Instead of throwing them away though, why not re-decorate them so your kids
can use them without cringing at the thought of bringing their mommy-looking-umbrellas in school.

1. To ensure that they're safe to use, clean the rusted umbrella parts and wipe them to dry.
To give it a kid's vibe, cover the handle with their choice of lace.

2. Embellish the umbrella top using any water resistant craft embellishments 
at home. Attach them using hot glue.
Again, wait for the glue to cool a bit before patching.

3. You can also cut patterns from old umbrella tops that are beyond rescue.
Since they're made for the rain...they're perfect for the project.

4. Attach with hot glue and add more colors using fabric paint.

Hope this project gets your mind off some of your daily worries.
Now off to more DIYs. 
I'm just so nervous I can't keep still.

Nervous wreck,

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  1. Aw! I love it Ms. Roma! By the way, it was nice meeting you at the next big thing bazaar!


  2. It's funny how my mind plays tricks on my when I'm tired. I could have sworn that in one of the pictures you look like a little girl. I bet your dad sees you that way all the time. :D

    I hope the suspense ends soon!

    1. Of course that wasn't me Rick!!! :) Haha :) I'll update you soon on the contest! :)

  3. your necklaces are so pretty and unique! and i love your umbrella ideas!

  4. Roma, i seriously love your DIY projects! loving the dream necklace and tassle one too! so gorgeous. and how wonderful are these umbrellas! i can't wait to hear if you won!!! i hope so!


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