Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey. :)
Sorry 'bout my short hiatus.
Just came back from a much needed vacation...
I'll tell you more about it in the next post.
For now though, I'm just dropping by to let all of you know that I'm okay. :)

I was supposed to post these DIY projects before I escape to the wonderful island of Batanes...
But unfortunately, I needed more time to pack.. :)
Hope this entry makes up for my one week of absence.

For most of us, going on a vacation means going on a shopping spree for new summer outfits as well.
I used to have monthly paychecks.
I had luxury then to splurge once in a while...
Now that I'm self-employed, my limited resources are best left for more important endeavors which definitely, do not include shopping spree money for the summer.
Instead of moping, I just put on my creative hat and looked for old clothes I can upcycle.
If I can't BUY my dream summer outfits...I'll just MAKE them. :)

For my first project, I transformed an old sheer skirt into a short dress.
I just removed the waist garter and replaced it with a rope. This served as straps for the dress.
I used a similar rope as belt so it wouldn't look like a maternity dress.

Unfortunately, it's really windy in Batanes so I was advised not to wear super short flowy dresses.
Using the same concept though, this is what a wore.

My 2nd project involved a dress that I bought for myself back when I was still working.
I never got the chance to wear it though because it's hideous on me.
It's too big. It's too long. It has...not just sleeves...It has LONG sleeves!
Instead of trying to figure out why I bought it in the first place, I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting!

I removed the sleeves and twirled what's left. 
The dress has a cotton belt which I cut into 3 strips. 
I braided them so they would complement the dress's twirled straps. :)

For my 3rd ensemble, I wanted something I got an old tee and painted it with red stripes.
I cut it to half to make the shirt more comfy and summer ready. 
I used the excess fabric to make a matching DIY t-shirt bracelet.

I toned down the shirt's rocker chic vibe by pairing it with a long flowy skirt.

I wanted another short top...this striking color.
Anticipating my change in complexion, I wanted a top that will highlight my tan.

...and highlight it did... :)

That's all for now.
Hope you're able to get some tips here on how to have a splurge-free-but-still-stylish summer! :)

I wish I could go back to paradise,

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  1. It's always fun to see happy people enjoying themselves, thanks for sharing the pictures. Very clever DIYs, my wife and I can't even hem our pants properly ouselves. =)

    1. Hi Ric! :) Actually, I hadn't had time to hem some parts of my outfits as well. Good thing Batanes was too beautiful! People tend to focus on the surroundings than on my unfinished clothes! :)

  2. wow... these are creative. do a tutorial please! a step by step one :]

  3. Wow! What you did was amazing! It totally gave me ideas so I could finally wear some of my old clothes. Thumbs up,sweetie! And enjoy Batanes. Have a blast! Xoxo

    1. hi liz! I actually came back from Batanes already :) Happy you got some ideas from the post. Can't wait to see tem once they're finished! :)

  4. you are awesome! i love these upcycled pieces!!! you look fab and i hope you enjoy your much-deserved vacation!

  5. babe, i'm a diyer myself-- jaw dropped over your pieces!! i have never really done much work with dresses-- i could use tips from you!


    1. I know Eden! I saw some of your DIY pieces! I Love! :)

  6. Have fun! Great pictures!!


  7. great and fun DIY projects!


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