Sunday, April 22, 2012


Morning of April 22...

"Something good will happen today..."
This is what the 1st day of my 30 day Bible plan, "Start Your Day Right", tells me...
"You just need to believe in God's goodness..."

Always a good soldier, I left my house for another whole day of Ultimate with only one thought in mind...
"Something good will happen to me today..."

Afternoon of April 22...

"Find a job or there will never be peace in this house."
This was how my Dad greeted me when I came home from my games.

He kept going on and on about how I have not achieved anything yet.
"You're 29 years old", he said.
"By now, you should be financially stable already."

This is where we don't meet eye to eye...
For my dad, achievement is quantified by how much I earn.
For me is defined by the experiences that I've had and lives that I've touched.

I've been a reporter for 5 years.
I've covered the president...
went to Typhoon-stricken provinces...
reported stories that made people think...and feel.

In Jordan, covering then Senate President Manny Villar's repatriation efforts

Helping one OFW meet
Former President Gloria Arroyo

While doing all sister and I put up a small business...
A business that encourages people to creatively upcycle their junk as a way to help the environment.
I recently left my job as a reporter to manage our business full time and I AM HAPPY.

These...for me...are my achievements.

A handmade card from a Popjunklove fan

"While all these are great in theory..."
My dad insisted...
"Theory will not put food on the table..."
"Your aunt has a job offer for you..."
"Take it or we will never be okay again..."

Evening of April 22...

"Lord, what should I do?"
I cried...
"I didn't make the big jump just to go back to a life that made me unhappy..."
...and I cried some more.

Desperate to hear God, I opened the Bible and read the 1st day of my 30 day Bible plan, "End your Day Right"...

‎"And let us not grow weary while doing good, 
for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." 
(Galatians 6:9 NKJV)

"Even though continuing to move forward is sometimes painful, it is far better than giving up and sliding backwards. God is doing a good work in you so He can do more for you and through you. So ask Him to fill you with holy determination tonight and keep moving in the right direction."

My tears of grief turned to tears of joy.
Still sobbing, I closed my eyes and went to sleep with only one thought in mind...

"God is real and He answers.
Something good happened to me today...


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  1. Hang in there, Romaroms! I believe in you! :D

  2. you're such an inspiration for us all... you strive for the best :]

  3. You'll always be okay with your dad, he just worries. Dad's are very conservative when it comes to their daughter's well-being--and since father-knows-best (we all think), it's frustrating to see your little girl not live her life the way we want her to. Some of us (not me) did what our parent's wanted and we think that's how it should be. But, oddly, some parents who did NOT listen to their own parents, still think their kids should listen to them. (Hey, I was smarter than your grandpa, so of course I know what's best!)

    I'm glad you found that passage. God is always with us.

    1. :) you didn't listen but you turned out okay! :) I have a fighting chance then! :)

  4. oh Roma, what a heartbreaking yet inspirational post. i'm so sorry to hear about your dad putting so much pressure on you. you're amazingly brave to give up the job that you had to do something you're seriously passionate about. and your faith in God is beautiful. He won't lead you astray, and He loves you no matter what. to me you are such a success because you're doing what you love and most people don't figure that out at 29, it takes them much much longer. and at the end of their lives they look back to see what they've done, they may have money and memories of success, but in the end it's the people you've touched and made a difference with that will matter. hang in there.


  5. thank you claire! that means a lot :)

  6. great writing! loving the way you put your emotions on cyberspace. and i feel you girl..


  7. Another inspiring post - I adore reading your blog!



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