Sunday, April 8, 2012


They say that for you to succeed... have to learn from people who have already made it.
This explains my obsession for autobiographies of successful people.
I prefer the rags-to-riches stories...stories of people who had to go through hell for a dream that others may have described then as impossible...even foolish.
So far, I have learned a lot from these people and I try my best to apply their life's lessons in my own life and business.

Smiling through the journey

The reason why I dream
My family at Manila Ocean Park 

I also like reading self-help books like Marketing 101 or Business Tips for Dummies.
My undergraduate degree is Political Science and my masteral degree is Mass Communications.
Except for my minimal exposure to my parents' exporting business in the 90's... I really have no background to guide me in my journey towards building a sustainable business.
Reading these self-help books is my way of compensating.

Do not treat these books as bibles though.
"To each his own " is a good saying to remember every time you read books like these.
What worked for others may not work for you.
Their tips are guides, not laws.
This...I learned the hard way.

My mistake then was to spend as if my capital was as big as those of the business moguls I'm trying to emulate.
In any business, it's true that you've got to spend to earn.
However, you have to set your limit.
There are just some investment moves you've got to let go.
Big shot businessmen can afford to lose some for long term gain.
Small time entrepreneurs, however, often times can't.
Like me, some need the 'gains' shortly after they've spent.

So the key is to improvise.
Know when to spend and know when to be resourceful.
In my case, I don't have much financial capital.
What I'm rich though is creative resources.
I still can't hire help so if I can do it on my own, I'd do it.

Popjunklove's delivery boy

It takes up lots of my time but it's okay...
In return, I get to learn and challenge myself.

Took on another full body plushie order
From 2 days to 7 hours
I'm improving...yey! 

It's also a blessing, I guess, that we lack financial capital since our seeming sorry state has forced my sister and I to be resourceful.
We use materials we already have and sprinkle them with a bit of our imagination...
Then voila!!!!... a new collection just from scraps!

Bracelet from scraps of fabric

Hunger Games-inspired necklace for Luis from scrap felt

How about you guys?
Do you have lessons you'd like to share?

Sporting my new bracelet!

Can't wait to hear them,

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  1. I'm happy for you and Pop Junk Love, I really am! I want to order a plushie for myself, too, but I can't decide on what design I want heehee. But I promise to buy one ♥

  2. Dont worry krissy! :) I'm sure by the time you're ready to order, we're still here! :)

    1. (here i am again, commenting on a comment... pasenya na sa computer ko. haha) i agree - it's good to always keep yourself educated and up to date! I read books as mch as i can but most of my research comes from online and from other people :) One of the lessons i've learned and am still learning is that patience is key. Success doesn't happen over night!

      By the way - do you ship internationally? My husband and i would totally enjoy designing a plushie together. :)

    2. Don't worry about it Kym :) That's totally alright :) I had the same commenting problems..the comment box kept telling me to sign out. haha..

      About success not happening overnight, I agree! :) We just got to keep doing what we love and need to do and pray the Universe will bless these efforts. :)

      Yes we ship kym! :) Yun nga lang you have to shoulder the shipping fee :)

  3. You're taking a great approqch to building your business. Would local elementary schools let you make presentations to classes to talk about starting a busyness and upcycling? You would show them samples and it coulf lead to sales and good word of mouth back to the parents. Or did you do that already??? =)

    After I posted today, I remembered caboose is also slang in the US for a backside. I hope no commenters think of that and tease me about the title.

    1. That's a great idea ric! :) I did that in Poveda already and it multiplied my sales 1000x! :) Unfortunately, I have yet to tap other schools..I'll work on that soon!

      Thanks for the great suggestion! :)

  4. Such an inspirational post - I adore finding inspiration from people's life stories!


  5. Yay! I have a hard time reading non-fiction books (a.k.a. inspirational, self-help, business books, etc.). I get inspiration, tips and what not from fellow dreamers and doers (including you!) by reading their blogs, sites, etc. :)

    One lesson I've learned and keep learning is that dreaming also means working hard. Nothing comes from doing nothing so you really have to push push push yourself. Ahaha. :D

  6. i also prefer reading rags to riches autobiography books. this post is inspiring! =)

  7. hey dear, i am interest with your blog <3
    mind to follow each other? <3


  8. i feel like life never turns out the way you plan. when i was younger it was hard for me to learn from others. i felt i needed to experience it for myself. but now that i'm older i like getting advice from others!


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