Monday, March 19, 2012


There is no absolute truth.
That's what they say.
But if I were to think of one...if there is one...
...It is that there will always be a time in a person's life that he or she will want change.
The routine, for most, it appears is --
Grow to be a kid with big, seeming impossible dreams...
Be a student and graduate to become a person with ideal, seeming reachable goals in life...
and then, eventually...
Become an employee with more realistic targets and take on life.

I'm not saying that all employees are unhappy with their lives...please... don't get me wrong...
I'm just saying that sooner or later... every employee, whether or not they're contented with their lives, will have that ONE CRITICAL MOMENT where they will be re-evaluating what he or she has become.

The difference is whether or not he or she will make the change.

Some will mope and settle.

Some will find acceptance and go back to their routines perfectly happy and content with what they have become...whether or not what they are now are a far cry from what they have envisioned themselves to be back when they were kids.

There will also be others... who will make the jump and pursue their lifelong dreams despite their seeming impossibility.

I'm one of these bungee-jumpers...
For those who made the leap, I'm sure you already know that the road to 'the' impossible dream is not easy.

For those who are still on the edge... still thinking of whether or not they will jump for dear life...

But with time, they say, all wounds will heal.
My advice to make your recuperation easier--
Surround yourself with people who believe.
It's hard enough, battling your own doubts.
What more if you have to battle others' doubts as well.

Finding supporters is also a diffcult feat especially since at this point in your life, the people around you are most likely at the stage of their lives where reality already takes precedence over dreams.
I'm not saying their wrong... indeed, they're need to put food on the table, like everybody else.
I'm just saying that at this critical stage of your journey, you'll need friends also who will just say, HELL YEAH! :)
At times of self-doubt, their all out support will be the push you'll need to continue the journey towards that seeming elusive dream.

Just like my co-bungee-jumpers, I am not without my share of cynics.
I'm a bit lucky though in a sense because my business constantly surrounds me with people who are still in the stages of their lives where big dreams are 'the reality'...

They still sketch and believe that their creations are the most beautiful images they have ever seen...

Boo by Shainna

Jewel by Maxine
More sketches here

... and...

they still aspire for things without even a tiny doubt in their minds of their plausibility. 

All I can say is...

*big sigh of relief*

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  1. I have a little confession.. I actually back-read the posts in Popjunklove's page for more than an hour because I am so amused and touched by the messages of these kids! :) You have a gift, Roma, and it's great to see you use it to make others happy! :)

    I will def order my own plushie too. Just deciding on the design. It'll be perfect for my birthday! :)

  2. that is so sweet krissy! :) Don't worry..I often find myself re-reading their posts too. :) When times get tough, their words remind me to go forward. :)

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  4. So so so excited for my Wonder Woman plushie. It would be the perfect birthday gift for myself :)

  5. can't wait to make them for you! :)

  6. Dreams come true, Roma and I know nothing will get in the way of yours. My dream was to be a hobo, but I got sucked into taking care of people instead. =)

    1. Ending up in a position where you get to take care of people is an achievement in itself :)

  7. Hi Roma, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, go grab it from my blog!

    1. Oh wow :) Thanks jai. Ill check in as soon as I can :)

  8. Wait... what do I have to email you??

  9. the thing about being young, in high school, college, in your 20s is that it's so exciting because you can have dreams and believe you can and be anything. and in a way it's true. but then reality hits and you often find that the things you want are not always as great as they seemed way back when. but the good thing is that no matter how old you get you really can always go for what you want. you just have to be courageous and be willing to do it. that is sooo not easy and only few will actually do it.


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