Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've said this like a thousand times before...
Running a business has its ups and downs.
Most of the time, I walk the talk and I actually focus on the ups.
There are even moments that I'm TOO positive...(I think) people around me already want to vomit.


I am not always the "focus on the ups" kind of girl.
There are times like "the episode" I just had recently...when I just want to cry non-stop 'til all the frustrations go away.
When you're in that zone, it's hard to stop.
In between the sobs, the running nose and the tissue, you can still find a way to rant...and rant...and rant...
Believe me...
That's exactly what I did and it seemed like I would never stop.

But you know what...

Eventually, even you will get tired of hearing yourself whine.
If you really believe in your business and in what you do...eventually...even with no effort...you'll start remembering all the good things that your business is bringing into your life.
You don't have to self-talk yourself into a positive mode.
You don't have to recite your favorite quotes aloud or on Facebook.
Eventually...when you let all that junk out of your head...the positive things in your life are just clearer...and easier to see.

Like for instance...
During my last episode...
I found myself on the verge of another breakdown when I saw photos for the first time of our Pass-a-Plushie Project in Iligan.
I was so happy...I just wanted to cry again.
I said to myself...
"Had I not done this business full time...I would not have had the time nor the will...to push through with such a project."

For reminding us of the many "ups" of our business...
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those who joined and donated a plushie to these Typhoon ravaged kids.
You guys did not only made these angels happy...
...you made us happy. :)

And oh...
The kids wanted me to tell you guys that they named their plushies after you.
(...which means, Ric, 10 plushies in Iligan carry your name. ) 

Laser-focused on the ups,

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  1. wow, that's so amazing what you're doing. i know it must be tough, but i think it's good that you're staying positive most of the time. it's great that you were brave enough to take the risk and start your own business!!!


    1. thank you claire :) I may not always have the support I need but hearing kind words from friends like you...helps me get through it all :) thanks again! :)

  2. I may be the most positive and optimistic person I know. LOL I even had a birthday party with the theme "Pink Positive" :) But even I know that we all need those moments sometimes, because even if we just want to dwell on happy things all the time, we know the world (and life) does not work that way. Sometimes we just need to stop and cry. And yeah, without the bitter, the sweet wouldn't be as sweet ;)

    1. I agree krissy both on the need for some bitterness and on your observation that you're maybe the most positive and optimistic person in the universe. haha. Pink positive? that's so cute!!!

  3. By the way, I don't know if you've seen this, but I tagged you here: http://www.krissyfied.com/2012/03/universe-is-not-made-of-atoms-its-made.html ♥

    1. oh really krissy?! :) Thank you..okay..off to your site now! :)

  4. Awww. There's nothing wrong in being TOO positive. I've always believed that optimism will get us far in this life. And I must say, you really are a strong woman and an inspiration to all of us. You are doing a great job, touching other people's lives and giving them hope and happiness. Thumbs up, sweetie. :)

    1. such kind words eprilis :) thank you so much! :)

    2. Again, i can't find the comment box but i just HAVE to comment on this so i hope you don't mind that i'm commenting on your comment. haha!

      Anyway - i understand... 200%! In fact, I had an "episode" just this past Sunday! There are times when I think "when will i get THERE?" but i have to remind myself and look back and realize that i've already come such a long way!!! So i guess that's what i'll also remind you... when you start having episodes, doubts, down moments... remember where you came from :)

      Also, i hope you don't mind - i added you on Facebook! I would love to keep in touch and keep each other encouraged and motivated during those down moments! :)

    3. don't worry about it Kym! You can comment in any part of my blog! :) oooh we're facebook buddies!? Yay! :)

  5. Your project made me happy too! The smiles are really sweet.
    Krissy is right, sometimes even the most upbeat person goes through a down cycle. The great thing is you didn't let it keep you down. Yay Roma!!! =)

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    2. Thanks ric! :) Your ten plushies had messages from you.. hihee.. we sort of planted those notes for you. at the bottom of the note, it said "Kuya Ric".. "Kuya" means big brother in Filipino :)

    3. Oh Roma, thank you! I always wanted to be a big brother (honestly), so that's really perfect. But you give me too much credit, you made this happen. "Kuya" is my new favorite Filipino word--it used to be "aswang", which I still like. =)

    4. Just imagining you saying "aswang" aloud is making me smile already! :)


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