Monday, February 27, 2012


You wake up all recharged, ready to take on the world!
"Today, I'm going to make my home business work."

You turn on the computer... 
And it was all business...
or so it seemed...

"Delivered that already...
One order of my bestseller...
"Waah!!! That's such a cute dog!!!
Oooh this looks interesting...
No way?! You can play casino online?"

Everything is in the computer, people...everything!
Image from here

The next thing you know...
you've spent a good three hours on your computer, visiting sites totally unrelated to your business.
You then mope after...for another hour...for wasting your precious business hours.

Like what they say...there's no use crying over spilled milk.
So let's just get the mop and clean up our mess...Ready?


There must be something about those sites that interest you.
Often times, your business is about things you're passionate about so it's possible that those seeming unrelated sites that you've visited may not be so unrelated to your business after all.
For instance, online casino sites...

I know a lot of successful online shops that carry items inspired by stuff you see in casinos.
Shops like Pretty Pin Ups and Freestyle Necklaces, for example, have a line of poker chip accessories like keychains and necklaces.

Image from here and here 

Our shop have also released a number of dice collections in the past.
Our most recent-- dice earrings.

Last Friday, I spent a good five hours of my life...celebrating the birthday of one of my dear friends in Ultimate.
We just hang out in our common friend's tattoo shop, drinking and eating junk.

Was the said five-hour celebration a total waste of my time?
Look what I found!

A future plushie, right? :)

Inspiration, indeed, can be found anywhere.

You just need to take a closer look.


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  1. Amen Roma! Ideas are the fruit of inspiration and experience. Meeting people and going places (cyber world and real) will only help you. It does NOT help many people--but they lack your open mind and eye for opportunity.

    1. Thanks Ric! You, on the other hand, are a writer! :) You turn any experience into something worth telling! :)

    2. you always write so well and i always love reading your entries <3

    3. That's so sweet of you Sarah! :) By the way, I love your bold hair adventures. :)

  2. those dice earrings are so cute :)

  3. i feel like i get so distracted when i go online too! sometimes it seems like the busier i am the more i end up getting done! kinda ironic, huh?

    1. Yeah..especially since most of our work Claire involves the SUPER PC! :) The more we need to search for things we'll need for our businesses, the more we end up wandering in the world wide web!

  4. so well written, love! i believe that all time spent, even those just spent idly and luxuriously, will eventually come to have a reason. especially for me these days--in the frenetic goings on of my daily schedule, i've actually realized how much i value "alone time" or "me time". and i don't feel guilty for it!



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