Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This year's Day of the Hearts was my first real Valentines in six years.
(Yes, I was single for THAT long!)
Given our recent splurge in Bukidnon, I wasn't really expecting anything.
Plus, my six years of single blessedness have sort of trained me already to treat this day as just any other day.
Imagine my surprise when my guy wanted to celebrate.

Yeah, it wasn't really much.
Just DVDs, junk food, donuts and homemade nuggets.
Good thing, it's the person you're with who makes moments special..
not the place, not the food, not the gifts... 

Another Valentines surprise --- an unexpected gift from Maxine.

Maxine with her new friend, Kuma

She gave us a handmade card and pillow.
I wanted to cry!

My first Valentines in 6 years...
Yes, it was special. :)
How did you guys celebrate Valentines Day?

Feeling loved,

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  1. How cute is that card and that pillow?! So adorable! Glad you had a great V Day! :)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful celebration--and Maxine just couldn't be cuter!

    We watched Lady and the Tramp and had a special valentine's cake...and my wife got flowers the next day.

    1. oooh! a special valentines cake! :) sounds delicious!

  3. i had a nice v-day also! it was my boyfriend's b-day too! haha! :]


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