Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's been years since I last thought of jotting down resolutions for the new year.

I still didn't make a list for 2012.
What my sister and I did though on the first day of the new year is clean our room and work area.
I would like to think that action beats mere written, often unrealized resolutions, don't you agree? :)

Clean room =  Fresh ideas for Popjunklove?
I sincerely hope so. 

at our last bazaar for 2011

How did you spend your January 1, 2012? 

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  1. i also have "get organized" in my 2012 list! =) Nice blog! Followed you! =)

  2. LOL, we started the year cleaning too--I'm hoping it's a sign that it will happen more often in 2012!

    I think every day is the start of something new, so I don't make resolutions on Jan 1 either.

  3. Good luck with your list and the space re-vamp! Happy New Year!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  4. in aie's shoes, i think cleaning is on the list of almost everyone :)

    ric, so how was your cleaning adventure?

    jessa :) still can't over that 'muffin in a party dress' quote:) it's so cute!


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