Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"This year is your year..."

This is what the Chinese Universe is telling me...
(or at least everyone like me who was born on the year of the Pig)
If only the Chinese Gods could convince my Dad.
The world would be just perfect.

My Dad in a good mood

You see...
My Dad worked his butt off to enroll me in the best schools.
I went to an all-girls high school.
I graduated from the country's top University.
I'm only a thesis away from my Masteral Degree in Broadcast Communications, also from the same University.
I excelled in all classes.
I graduated with honors.

So you see...
I'm, indeed, my dad's precious, precious little good girl.

Just imagine his disappointment when I've decided to quit my prestigious job as a Chief News Reporter to do business full time.
No more interviewing the President.
No more taking part in history.

Just me, in my room...upcycling whatever it is that I see.

I have nothing more to prove really.
I believe in myself that much.

One more thing I really believe in...
...that I didn't waste my education...
...that my education is the very reason why I knew that it was time for a change...
...and that my education is precisely what prepared me for this very moment.

Complete article here

Oh Chinese Gods...
I just hope you're right...
I don't think I can handle a whole year of my Dad's mood swings.

Trying to stay positive,

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  1. Think positive! Walang aayaw! :P

    Not really my motto this year, but it helps sometimes. Haha.

    Let's go, Roms! Let's go!

  2. No way your dad is disappointed. He may be worried that building your business is a less certain path, but he's not disappointed. I've never met him, but that is what the dad in me is thinking.

    You're doing great!

  3. I really hope you're right Rick! :)

  4. always be happy girlie:D

  5. oh Roma, i'm so sorry to hear that. sometimes parents have a hard time adjusting. they just want what's best for you and they don't always realize that true happiness is doing what makes you enjoy not what looks good on paper. i struggled with that too. my dad really wanted me to go to grad school and be something "not creative." but i loved writing. and while i'm not a doctor like my sis, it's okay. eventually my dad came around and i really hope yours does too.


  6. @vnikali, always happy...there are just days :)

    @claire, i really hope he comes around soon...like right now!!! :)


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