Friday, December 30, 2011


They a person's life..there are turning points...
Defining moments that make or break a person...
If someone was to ask me some of my life's turning points...
I believe I could cite a couple that happened just this year.

Reporter for five years

Now, a full time entrepreneur
at our last bazaar for 2011

 Finding my guy is another...

2011 is indeed a year of big leaps for me.
I could cite more examples but I know all of you have your own New Year activities to attend to...
So going straight to my point --

*EK - Enchanted Kingdom


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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Here in the Philippines, December 24 is as significant as Christmas Day itself.

It's the day we prepare food for our Christmas eve dinner.
It's also the last day we get to drool over our gifts under the Christmas tree.

This year, it is extra special for me and my sister.

After a long week of rushing scrabble pillow orders, we finally got the chance to giftwrap the plushie donations to Sendong ravaged kids in Mindanao.

They're now on their way to Iligan, one of the areas in Southern Philippines affected by the Typhoon.
All I can say is..
Starting our December 24 sending these angels...just feels great!

More details in another post...
For now, I'd just like to thank all those who helped POPJUNKLOVE's Pass-A-Plushie Project a sucess...
Because of you guys, we genuinely felt the spirit of Christmas.

Happy holidays,

and the Agsalud Family
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Monday, December 19, 2011


It was a good 2011 for POPJUNKLOVE.
Just yesterday, my sister and I capped off our last bazaar day for the year by treating ourselves to sinful fast food meals on our way home.
Yeah, just fast food.
My sister and I still had pending Scrabble orders to finish.
Christmas rush, indeed, is far from over for us.

I was meaning to write an entry about how difficult it is for handmade products to compete with cheaper mass-produced items imported from other countries based on our experience in the recent 10-day Noel bazaar at the PICC forum.
But after a feature in, I was no longer in a ranting mode.

Indeed, there is a market out there that can appreciate handmade, concept-based products.
You just have to learn how to tap them.

 tape measure ballers
 bottle cap rings
 Lego bracelets 
Alphabet bling
 button bracelets

Besides, after the recent tragedy that hit Mindanao...
I don't think I have the right to rant or complain.

Image from here

As a way of giving back for a good year,
POPJUNKLOVE is launching the Pass-a-Plushie Project

For every order of our plushie, POPJUNKLOVE will donate one to a kid in Mindanao for free on behalf of the customer who adopted a Have Not for Christmas.
Like POPJUNKLOVE's page to know more.

They say Christmas are for kids.
Well, it's not yet too late to make a kid in Mindanao smile this Holiday season.
Don't you agree?

I want to be just like Santa,

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It was past 12 already.
I elbowed my way past security towards what seems to be a very, very distant destination then.

"Shoot! I'm late!"

With one hand on my skirt, I prepared myself for a sprint.

"Ready. Get set. Go!", I thought.

For a few seconds, it seemed my dash for dear life will continue without let up...
Then, a THUD!

Yes, it was me almost falling to the ground after my shoe got stuck to a God-knows-what protrusion on the cold, cement floor of the PICC Forum Tent.

Oblivious to the stares, I focused my attention to the guy walking towards me with what seems to be a shoe on one hand.

"Miss...", he said.
"Yes?", I said, still breathless from my almost-fall.
"You need to buy new shoes."

On his hand was the sole of my now retired flats.
Yup, an ugly version of the classic Cinderella glass slippers.
Good thing he was not prince charming.

My Cinderella story still had a happy ending though.
First, I got a good excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.

Second, I already have a prince.

Your modern day Cinderella,

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Monday, December 12, 2011


1. Be productive.

Experimented on a new product.
A bracelet with a little more bling, I mean, buttons.. :)
It used to look like this.

Transformed some mini-figurine necklaces to keychains

But one can only be productive for so long, right?
So what to do when you no longer feel like doing something that makes sense?

2. Drink a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

Hot cocoa care of Choco ATBP

Caffeine and sugar no longer work?

3. Eat.

Now that your full...

4. Do a little arm twisting.

After two days of no-shows, parents finally agreed to show some love
With ma and pa at the PICC Noel Bazaar

If they get bored and leave you...

5. Find other victims.

Staged a mock POPJUNKLOVE photoshoot with these two handsome guys
James sporting a number of  scrabble ringsnumberbotsbottle cap ring
Jones loving our newest collection of lego belts 

Of course, they can't be the only ones with pictures!

6. Love yourself (Be vain).

One of my favorite go-to accessories, Lego block rings

No one to take your photos?

7. Love yourself more (Be more vain).

Take your own photo
First bazaar day without my Jonesy 

If all else fails...

8. Write an entry on how to fight boredom...

What to write, what to write..

...or better yet, just read an actual credible article on the topic.

No longer bored (I think),

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am rarely alone nowadays.
My guy just likes hanging out with me all the time and I guess for a girl, that's often a good thing :)

He even helps me pack stuff after a bazaar and believe me, that activity is not fun... nor is it easy.

One time, he even hurt himself.
When I got home that day, I kept asking myself what I ever did to deserve such a guy.

I haven't figured out the answer to that question yet but whatever it is... I'm glad I did it.

I don't like to sound cheesy.
It's just that today's the first time he's not with me on a bazaar day.
I can hear myself think again... so I'm writing my thoughts down just like before.

Just a few things I did in the past that I'm sure contributed to where I am now...

1. Graduating with honors and a clean record in High School :)

Seeing our senior class president for the first time since graduation just brought back those High School memories...

An unexpected encounter with Kaye today at the Noel Bazaar in PICC

2. Deciding to start our own business and putting up POPJUNKLOVE :)

I have made a lot of life changing decisions since I started our DIY upcycling shop... so yes, I believe POPJUNKLOVE played a crucial role in bringing me to this point in my life.

It's really funny how the scenarios I just mentioned seem so unconnected to the topic 'My Guy'... but hey, life is a puzzle, right?
Only He knows how the pieces will all fit together in the end.
The only thing we're sure of right now is that every moment is a part of a bigger picture.

May 25, 2011 :)

All that because of just one alone day...
The things that goes on in my head!
Hahaha :)

Cheesy me,

(PS: I just realized the ramifications of changing my blog name. *sigh* I'm back to romaislove. Sorry for the confusion. Love y'all)

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