Monday, August 8, 2011


To be a confident, secure woman was something I’ve always considered a blessing.
You don’t get affected much by what other people think of you because you just know why you do what you do and you stand by those views and actions.

But recently, I realized there may be one pitfall of being overly confident and secure.
For one, you tend to dismiss actions other people might view as signs of disrespect or forms of insult.
“You don’t deserve such treatment”, they say.
For you though, some ‘off’ acts seem too trivial.
Compared to other more serious issues in life like putting food on the table, these seeming little concerns do not merit much of your attention.
Also, since you don’t need anybody to treat you a certain way in order to validate your own self worth, you don’t easily get disappointed if one treats you differently than what others say you deserve.

“So what’s wrong with that?”, you ask.
What’s wrong is that whether or not you don’t get affected, it doesn’t make an ‘off’ behavior right.
By not making a big deal out of it, you fail to raise it up to them.
At a time when you could have contributed to their personal growth, you didn’t.

I am proud to be a confident, secure woman.
It’s just that sometimes, I stumble upon that one pitfall along the way.

To boost your confidence, surround yourself with people who inspire you.

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Friday, August 5, 2011


My last entry was about not dissing friends and I realized I may be doing exactly that by not checking up on you guys lately.

Sorry. :'(
I will come back soon and I'll tell you all about my recent adventures to the point you already want to tie my hands just so I'd stop typing.

From the bottom of my heart...
I sincerely hope all of you are doing okay.
Just know that you could always drop by this blog and rant if you want.
This site could be your very own personal punching bag whenever life gets tough. :D

And as a general advice, "What doesn't kill you makes YOU STRONGER."

Held a mini-basketball tournament for my birthday :)
In case I missed important dates in your life, sorry.
Here's one big...MWAH!

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