Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yes, I'm back in Malacanang.
After almost a year of hiatus...covering beats like Special Reports and Congress...
I'm back in the Palace ---
this time covering the newly installed President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

To some of my followers who have no clue who this guy is...
Aquino is the son of the country's two democracy icons.
One was assassinated for his political beliefs.

His famous line: "The Filipino is worth dying for."

The other was just a mother and wife who suddenly found herself right smack in the middle of the country's battle for democracy.
She succumbed to cancer last year amid millions of Filipinos praying for her recovery.

Her famous line: "The Filipino is worth living for."

Being president was never part of the plan of then Senator Aquino.
But on the day of his mother's death, clamor for him to run for office eventually catapulted him to power.

I've always been vocal of my opinions about this guy but I'll be keeping an open mind from now on.
Considering I'm covering him already, it's best to stay neutral as much as possible.

One thing's for sure though...
Just like any of us, he'll have his ups and downs.
My only hope is that he'll have more UPS than DOWNS in the next five years.

"A reporter once asked me what has changed in my life since I assumed the presidency. 
My answer I think was simple enough.
 I think it is easier to say, What has remained unchanged?" 

This was part of the President's speech in Davao last Wednesday.
A member of the Malacanang Press Corps told me I was the reporter the president was referring to.
I did ask him this question on my first day back...exactly a year after the country's first ever automated elections.
Anyone could have ask him this same question though...
But if he was indeed referring to me...what a way to jumpstart my return to Malacanang, don't you think? :) Pin It Now!

Monday, May 16, 2011


My dad's usually a grumpy guy.
My siblings and I have gotten used to his mood swings already.
Lately though...this cutie is giving him a reason to smile every morning.

Of our 4 dogs, this guy's the only one who got to sleep
on my dad's bed! He's the only pup of our Ginji.

He's been called Whitey...

For me though...
I think he's OUR ANGEL.

For making my parents happy every morning,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I remembered it vividly...the first time my sister and I were introduced to the wonderful world of Ultimate.
Our future teammates were on the field, throwing discs despite the drizzle.
The wind felt cold and it smelled of wet grass and soil steam.

My sister and I looked at each other with eyes filled with uncertainty and worry.
Without words, we knew what the other was thinking.
"What in the world are we getting ourselves into?"

Dumaguete 2010

Almost two years after...we are still playing the game...
still in the process of learning...
still feeling the frustrations that often come with intense competition...
still having the grandest time of our lives with the best teammates ever. I so sentimental?
Because last Sunday, rains greeted the second day of this year's summer league.
The cold wind brought me back to that day when my sister and I first picked up a disc. :)
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Friday, May 6, 2011


Remember my entry on why I believe God exists...
Here are other simpler, less dramatic reasons but just as convincing (as far as I'm concerned...that is) :)

all possible 2nd to the worst case scenarios happened to me during our most awaited food taste testing in Ateneo.
You see, Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria applied for a slot in the Ateneo college canteen. This is our first ever application to a school cafeteria so it's really a big deal for me and my partner.
Unfortunately, my partner can't take a leave so I was on my own.
I was almost late for the test... 
Then when I did mixtures were still frozen...

We were also the last stop for most tasters since we offer desserts.
By the time they got to taste our products, they were already too full to feel excited about taking another bite of anything.

On top of all these,  we were charged 400p for the food taste testing fee.
I didn't have money on hand. 
I checked my wallet...only 340p! I didn't even have coins!
My heart started beating so fast because I was too shy to tell them I don't have cash!

I was about to tell them...when I suddenly remembered...
"I have Iskrambol's 'sales can' from last time's flopped event"...
I didn't bother counting our sales then because it was depressing.
I opened the can...and VOILA! Bills worth 350p plus coins worth around 200p!!! :)

I still don't have cash.
You know those emergency bills our parents told us to keep... wallet didn't even have that!
Gosh...what's's a FRIDAY, my most expensive day of the week!

Just when I've decided to deplete my savings account again...
I received my monthly phone allowance! :)

Why, again, do I believe God exists...
...because HE literally SAVES times I need HIM the most.

Don't worry about tomorrow...
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
                    Matthew 6:34

Have a worry-free weekend everybody! :)
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There’s just something about reality television talent/skill competitions that make me emotional.

More about the show here

I’ve read somewhere that to be who you want… have to surround yourself with people who you dream of becoming.

Let’s say in my case…a self-made billionaire…
So to be one…I have to surround myself with self-made billionaires.

Not only will I learn tips on how they made it…
I will also be constantly reminded by their presence that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
On days I feel like giving up, the mere thought of them will serve as my inspiration.

With these two inspiring entrepreneurs in spirit :)

Today I watched the replay of Isabela winning Australia’s first ever Junior Master chef title.
It was a nice episode to catch before going to sleep.
Imagine ending your day with the thought…that somewhere in this big wide world of ours…

Image of Queensland's Isabella from here 
Isabella gets a hug from twin sister. More here.

What do you do to get inspired? :)
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Monday, May 2, 2011


Over the weekend, my sister and I joined "The Big Bang" bazaar by the Ateneo Management Association allegedly organized in partnership with "Go Negosyo".

I've been in several "Go Negosyo" events already and I've observed that it really does have a following...
So when a friend asked me if I'd like to share a booth with her, I said, "Why not?"

Unfortunately, the bazaar turned out to be a flop.
You could literally count the people coming in.
It's sad because my sister and I even came from a game in Sta. Rosa, Laguna so the bad news just made our tiring day...MORE TIRING.

Superhero lollipop care of one of the bazaar's concessionaires

The concessionaires met with the organizers of the bazaar to complain about the customer turnout.
There was a headache-inducing commotion between both camps.

The student organizers claim they did their best and its no longer their responsibility if...despite of all their efforts...customers still refused to go.
The father of one of the students even stepped in.
Unlike his calm son, though, the dad went berserk threatening the concessionaires of libel and all sorts of cases he could come up with. here's my take on the issue.
It's true that joining bazaars is a risk every concessionaire takes.
However, the organizers also shoulder a portion of that risk.

Because they should have studied the space they're leasing first.

Will this be a good place? If not, how could we make it work?
They said they advertised the bazaar...but is the amount of airtime enough to compensate for the bazaar's not-so-good location?
Should we schedule it on a payday weekend or will this compete with mega sales happening in shopping malls?

Yes, it's true they can't guarantee heavy foot traffic...
But they're still liable for dangling misleading estimates of customer turnout to entice concessionaires.
These numbers should be based on actual studies, you know?
It's not something you just happen to come up with.

And also, they can't claim the area just sucked.
There have been previous bazaars held in the same place that turned out okay.
This only means...somewhere along the way...they must have done something wrong.

We are not demanding a full refund.
Like I said, we shoulder part of the risk.
We only want remorse on their part and admission that yes, their PRODUCT/SERVICE or whatever  it was they sold us...didn't work.

We've joined other bazaars as well that didn't quite meet our expectations.
Most of them gave partial refunds...some even initiated...
Because while they could also use the excuse that they didn't give any guarantee...
unlike the organizers of the Big Bang Bazaar...they admit...
Well yeah...Big bang bazaar organizers did say they're sorry...but the fact that they kept insisting they weren't partly to blame for the failed event made the apology seem insincere. :(