Monday, December 19, 2011


It was a good 2011 for POPJUNKLOVE.
Just yesterday, my sister and I capped off our last bazaar day for the year by treating ourselves to sinful fast food meals on our way home.
Yeah, just fast food.
My sister and I still had pending Scrabble orders to finish.
Christmas rush, indeed, is far from over for us.

I was meaning to write an entry about how difficult it is for handmade products to compete with cheaper mass-produced items imported from other countries based on our experience in the recent 10-day Noel bazaar at the PICC forum.
But after a feature in, I was no longer in a ranting mode.

Indeed, there is a market out there that can appreciate handmade, concept-based products.
You just have to learn how to tap them.

 tape measure ballers
 bottle cap rings
 Lego bracelets 
Alphabet bling
 button bracelets

Besides, after the recent tragedy that hit Mindanao...
I don't think I have the right to rant or complain.

Image from here

As a way of giving back for a good year,
POPJUNKLOVE is launching the Pass-a-Plushie Project

For every order of our plushie, POPJUNKLOVE will donate one to a kid in Mindanao for free on behalf of the customer who adopted a Have Not for Christmas.
Like POPJUNKLOVE's page to know more.

They say Christmas are for kids.
Well, it's not yet too late to make a kid in Mindanao smile this Holiday season.
Don't you agree?

I want to be just like Santa,

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  1. I can't find your e-mail address! Please put me down for 5 plushies and send them to Mindanao along with your's.

  2. really ric!!! you just made me the happiest girl :) my email ad's :)


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