Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am rarely alone nowadays.
My guy just likes hanging out with me all the time and I guess for a girl, that's often a good thing :)

He even helps me pack stuff after a bazaar and believe me, that activity is not fun... nor is it easy.

One time, he even hurt himself.
When I got home that day, I kept asking myself what I ever did to deserve such a guy.

I haven't figured out the answer to that question yet but whatever it is... I'm glad I did it.

I don't like to sound cheesy.
It's just that today's the first time he's not with me on a bazaar day.
I can hear myself think again... so I'm writing my thoughts down just like before.

Just a few things I did in the past that I'm sure contributed to where I am now...

1. Graduating with honors and a clean record in High School :)

Seeing our senior class president for the first time since graduation just brought back those High School memories...

An unexpected encounter with Kaye today at the Noel Bazaar in PICC

2. Deciding to start our own business and putting up POPJUNKLOVE :)

I have made a lot of life changing decisions since I started our DIY upcycling shop... so yes, I believe POPJUNKLOVE played a crucial role in bringing me to this point in my life.

It's really funny how the scenarios I just mentioned seem so unconnected to the topic 'My Guy'... but hey, life is a puzzle, right?
Only He knows how the pieces will all fit together in the end.
The only thing we're sure of right now is that every moment is a part of a bigger picture.

May 25, 2011 :)

All that because of just one alone day...
The things that goes on in my head!
Hahaha :)

Cheesy me,

(PS: I just realized the ramifications of changing my blog name. *sigh* I'm back to romaislove. Sorry for the confusion. Love y'all)

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  1. hi roma! just wanted to say that you and your boyfriend look really adorable together. im sure you have your fair share of ups and downs but stick together lang! i'm sure you'll be great in the end:)

    so you're a reporter before? i didnt really go into news but i can relate, i was in radio for 4 years before i left and focused on fashion.:)

    thanks for dropping by!


  2. tnx sa comment, of course kilala pa kita :)
    dati pa kaya kitang nailagay sa links ko.

    hope you're doing great. isipin mo lang, busy siya dahil sa iyo hehe

  3. cool pics!!!

    Visit my blog and if it like you became my new follower! (I follow back!)
    have a great Sunday!

  4. toplatsi, funny ka! hahaha :)

    thanks for dropping by lisa. ill check out your site soon :)

  5. Hey hey! No, I'm not based in Manila unfortunately :( My trip just got extended to 6 months cause of family/business :) I ended up having a lot of free time around October, so I decided to intern for Status Magazine! :D We should meet up before i leave!! :D

  6. Hi Roma!!
    How are you! Thanks for greeting me on our event Bloggers United! :) Haven't been to your blog lately but I say be active! You've really been stylish waaay back when I was still an intern. It'll be really amazing for the people to see your fashion sense! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. Haha! All good! :D I'll try to stop by kung mag-free sched ko this week/if I find transpo. I'm from the North, layo mo girl! Haha! Yeah, I'll be here til Jan 8! :D

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