Wednesday, December 7, 2011


They say profit drives innovation...
Unfortunately, this desire to earn trumps creativity as well since this need dictates what products get mass produced.
Believe me, I know..I've also been a victim of this set-up...especially now that I'm unemployed.

POPJUNKLOVE at the set of Umagang Kay Ganda
The hosts described me as "journalist-turned-businesswoman" :)

So, I have Jake Nickell to thank for pointing me to the right direction again.
Nickell is the young entrepreneur-turned millionaire behind the famous t-shirt line called Threadless.
My sister posted his speech in Ted talks on my Facebook wall.
Click away, know his secret and be inspired.

"Never stop making things. Making stuff is the most joyful occupation in which we ever engaged. 
It's the closest we come to God. It's amazing what comes from making things. 

Innovation comes from amateurs. 
When you don't really know what you're doing, 
then you're not doing the right're doing it the next way. 
It's not gonna happen  every time or all of a sudden you've invented the next way of doing things..
but if you just step outside your comfort zone and dive in ...see what you can accomplish. I think it's really powerful. 

Sometimes if you're an expert at get a little too caught up in what you know..
and you're just going to share the same things 
rather than teaching and learning something yourself.

Do it for yourself
Everybody needs a creative release or something that they do with no agenda behind it. 
They're not doing it for any other reason than they want to."

Always a good soldier, I did just that today.
I made!!!

When's the last time you made something?

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