Monday, December 12, 2011


1. Be productive.

Experimented on a new product.
A bracelet with a little more bling, I mean, buttons.. :)
It used to look like this.

Transformed some mini-figurine necklaces to keychains

But one can only be productive for so long, right?
So what to do when you no longer feel like doing something that makes sense?

2. Drink a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

Hot cocoa care of Choco ATBP

Caffeine and sugar no longer work?

3. Eat.

Now that your full...

4. Do a little arm twisting.

After two days of no-shows, parents finally agreed to show some love
With ma and pa at the PICC Noel Bazaar

If they get bored and leave you...

5. Find other victims.

Staged a mock POPJUNKLOVE photoshoot with these two handsome guys
James sporting a number of  scrabble ringsnumberbotsbottle cap ring
Jones loving our newest collection of lego belts 

Of course, they can't be the only ones with pictures!

6. Love yourself (Be vain).

One of my favorite go-to accessories, Lego block rings

No one to take your photos?

7. Love yourself more (Be more vain).

Take your own photo
First bazaar day without my Jonesy 

If all else fails...

8. Write an entry on how to fight boredom...

What to write, what to write..

...or better yet, just read an actual credible article on the topic.

No longer bored (I think),

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  1. LOL, I love the picture in #7. I was going to suggest getting up and taking a walk, but then I realized you were working.

  2. thanks ric.. :) i had to take like 10 shots for no 7. it's so hard to take photos using ipad!

  3. Uy okaaay ba sa PICC Noel bazaar? Parang gusto ko pumunta! Hahaha let me know if there's a great selection! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. this entry is so cute! :)

    join my giveaways!
    2k penshoppe gc, forever21, charlotte russe, t le clerc and a beautiful satchel!


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