Friday, August 5, 2011


My last entry was about not dissing friends and I realized I may be doing exactly that by not checking up on you guys lately.

Sorry. :'(
I will come back soon and I'll tell you all about my recent adventures to the point you already want to tie my hands just so I'd stop typing.

From the bottom of my heart...
I sincerely hope all of you are doing okay.
Just know that you could always drop by this blog and rant if you want.
This site could be your very own personal punching bag whenever life gets tough. :D

And as a general advice, "What doesn't kill you makes YOU STRONGER."

Held a mini-basketball tournament for my birthday :)
In case I missed important dates in your life, sorry.
Here's one big...MWAH!

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  1. Hey, here's a double mwah mwah to you Girl! How was the basketball tourney ... hope you managed to bash the opponents ... hahaha!!!

  2. I only feel dissed when bloggers want comments, but never leave them. When people don't have time to blog, I just miss them and hope everythin is okay. So thanks for letting us know you're okay. =)

  3. Wenny, the tourney was fun :) although it's hard to hold one at tend to hold back your laughter and shouts more 'cause the neighborhood's sleeping already! :)

    ric, i'm glad you feel that way :) hope you're okay also :)

  4. Did you get to watch/read Conan's Dartmouth commencement address? ( Funny stuff, but also very inspiring. I just remembered coz he said something like, "People say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' What they don't tell you is that IT ALMOST KILLS YOU." Haha

  5. living on the edge tishie!!! :) wohoo!!!


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