Monday, August 8, 2011


To be a confident, secure woman was something I’ve always considered a blessing.
You don’t get affected much by what other people think of you because you just know why you do what you do and you stand by those views and actions.

But recently, I realized there may be one pitfall of being overly confident and secure.
For one, you tend to dismiss actions other people might view as signs of disrespect or forms of insult.
“You don’t deserve such treatment”, they say.
For you though, some ‘off’ acts seem too trivial.
Compared to other more serious issues in life like putting food on the table, these seeming little concerns do not merit much of your attention.
Also, since you don’t need anybody to treat you a certain way in order to validate your own self worth, you don’t easily get disappointed if one treats you differently than what others say you deserve.

“So what’s wrong with that?”, you ask.
What’s wrong is that whether or not you don’t get affected, it doesn’t make an ‘off’ behavior right.
By not making a big deal out of it, you fail to raise it up to them.
At a time when you could have contributed to their personal growth, you didn’t.

I am proud to be a confident, secure woman.
It’s just that sometimes, I stumble upon that one pitfall along the way.

To boost your confidence, surround yourself with people who inspire you.

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  1. I have the same issue, but look at it a little differently--or maybe the situations are different. I've had friends tell me I deserved better treatment on occasion...and then I let them in on my secret. If I don't care what a certain person thinks, then I couldn't care less how they act. If I react, they think they won. There are exceptions. There is one guy I insult on sight--not because of stupid things he has said to me, but because of stupid things he has said to and about friends of mine.

  2. You're right ric..i guess I'll be acting differently if my friends are the ones being disrespected...hmm..I wonder why though...'cause if I follow my argument about being confident...I'm sure I know my friends better than the 'insulters' so I shouldn't mind them also. Hmm..but yeah, I guess I'll react the same way you did. :)

  3. You are a very mature lady, Roma. We have to make the best of what's thrown on our table so that we do not get disappointed at whoever, whatever or however things turned out. We can only hope that whoever and however we are, will sooner or later rub-off on others.

    But that's not to say that we are always right though. Being confident is good but we must also open our mind to learn from others too.


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