Monday, May 2, 2011


Over the weekend, my sister and I joined "The Big Bang" bazaar by the Ateneo Management Association allegedly organized in partnership with "Go Negosyo".

I've been in several "Go Negosyo" events already and I've observed that it really does have a following...
So when a friend asked me if I'd like to share a booth with her, I said, "Why not?"

Unfortunately, the bazaar turned out to be a flop.
You could literally count the people coming in.
It's sad because my sister and I even came from a game in Sta. Rosa, Laguna so the bad news just made our tiring day...MORE TIRING.

Superhero lollipop care of one of the bazaar's concessionaires

The concessionaires met with the organizers of the bazaar to complain about the customer turnout.
There was a headache-inducing commotion between both camps.

The student organizers claim they did their best and its no longer their responsibility if...despite of all their efforts...customers still refused to go.
The father of one of the students even stepped in.
Unlike his calm son, though, the dad went berserk threatening the concessionaires of libel and all sorts of cases he could come up with. here's my take on the issue.
It's true that joining bazaars is a risk every concessionaire takes.
However, the organizers also shoulder a portion of that risk.

Because they should have studied the space they're leasing first.

Will this be a good place? If not, how could we make it work?
They said they advertised the bazaar...but is the amount of airtime enough to compensate for the bazaar's not-so-good location?
Should we schedule it on a payday weekend or will this compete with mega sales happening in shopping malls?

Yes, it's true they can't guarantee heavy foot traffic...
But they're still liable for dangling misleading estimates of customer turnout to entice concessionaires.
These numbers should be based on actual studies, you know?
It's not something you just happen to come up with.

And also, they can't claim the area just sucked.
There have been previous bazaars held in the same place that turned out okay.
This only means...somewhere along the way...they must have done something wrong.

We are not demanding a full refund.
Like I said, we shoulder part of the risk.
We only want remorse on their part and admission that yes, their PRODUCT/SERVICE or whatever  it was they sold us...didn't work.

We've joined other bazaars as well that didn't quite meet our expectations.
Most of them gave partial refunds...some even initiated...
Because while they could also use the excuse that they didn't give any guarantee...
unlike the organizers of the Big Bang Bazaar...they admit...
Well yeah...Big bang bazaar organizers did say they're sorry...but the fact that they kept insisting they weren't partly to blame for the failed event made the apology seem insincere. :(



  1. such a hassle when things like that happen. here's to the next! good luck :)

  2. Oh oh, what a headache it must have been. People who lose their temper are scary, yes??

  3. Wow, it looks like there were more concessionaires than customers. To do business with them again, I'd want a sliding scale for refunds (based on foot traffic) written into our agreement.

    The father should have stayed out of it.

  4. fashioneggplant, thanks :) were you part of this weekend's fashion blogger bazaar near podium? how was it? :)

    meream, yup...they were indeed concessionaire who was directly infront of the hot tempered daddy actually cried!!!

    ric, I think they should do that so there will be accountability...they can't just say they did their best with no proof right or results...

  5. You are such a sweetheart! I want you to know I appreciate your visits and comments very much. =)

  6. I'm sorry about everything, maybe it's because they're students (and thus, young) that's why the event wasn't as planned out as it could be?

    Well, there's more bazaars out there! Good luck!

  7. i totally understand. Last year, i joined markets (or bazaars) at least once or twice a month and there were definitely some markets that were FLOPS! One of them in particular, after the organizer realized that it was "dead", she put in a contract for future applicants that they will not be held responsible for lack of traffic. This year i'm not planning to join any (well, maybe one) b/c as i learned from last year, i have to pick and choose which ones to join b/c some of them just don't have the same interest and traffic as others do!

  8. Boo. I do think there should be shared accountability over what happened. Tsk. I would have been very annoyed with that dad who went berserk. OA siya. :P

  9. sam, yeah...they were students but they advertised the event in partnership with a known organization here in RP. Sad that it didn't work out :(

    kym, yes your really have to choose carefully the bazaars you're planning to join...i've been joining for three years season's the best time to participate in such activities :)

  10. lei, indeed, OA talaga! he even threatened to take it to the streets or something tapos sapakan :s


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