Friday, May 6, 2011


Remember my entry on why I believe God exists...
Here are other simpler, less dramatic reasons but just as convincing (as far as I'm concerned...that is) :)

all possible 2nd to the worst case scenarios happened to me during our most awaited food taste testing in Ateneo.
You see, Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria applied for a slot in the Ateneo college canteen. This is our first ever application to a school cafeteria so it's really a big deal for me and my partner.
Unfortunately, my partner can't take a leave so I was on my own.
I was almost late for the test... 
Then when I did mixtures were still frozen...

We were also the last stop for most tasters since we offer desserts.
By the time they got to taste our products, they were already too full to feel excited about taking another bite of anything.

On top of all these,  we were charged 400p for the food taste testing fee.
I didn't have money on hand. 
I checked my wallet...only 340p! I didn't even have coins!
My heart started beating so fast because I was too shy to tell them I don't have cash!

I was about to tell them...when I suddenly remembered...
"I have Iskrambol's 'sales can' from last time's flopped event"...
I didn't bother counting our sales then because it was depressing.
I opened the can...and VOILA! Bills worth 350p plus coins worth around 200p!!! :)

I still don't have cash.
You know those emergency bills our parents told us to keep... wallet didn't even have that!
Gosh...what's's a FRIDAY, my most expensive day of the week!

Just when I've decided to deplete my savings account again...
I received my monthly phone allowance! :)

Why, again, do I believe God exists...
...because HE literally SAVES times I need HIM the most.

Don't worry about tomorrow...
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
                    Matthew 6:34

Have a worry-free weekend everybody! :)
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  1. God is good! :) I know what you mean about God literally saving you at the time you need Him the most! I remember a time when I only had 40 bucks in my pocket with payday two days away. Lucky for me two different people (my manager and another colleague) decided to treat me to lunch the next two days and I had a stash of instant noodles in my apartment so I didn't go to bed hungry. I lived near my office so the 40 bucks were spent on jeepney fare. :P Grabe talaga.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Hay. I think this happens to most of us Lei. It's just a matter of realizing these blessings. :)

  3. I remember a quote I read earlier (posted on a refrigerator), it goes something along like:

    Hello, I'm God. I'll deal with your problems today. I don't need help. So, enjoy your day!

    He dealt with yours. ;D

  4. Indeed cel :) He did solve them for me when it appeared unsolvable at that time :)

  5. true, he always provides at the right moment :)

  6. God is good--and timely. I've had similar good fortune. Sometimes I make things hard on my guardian angel, but God makes sure she's always there for me. =)

  7. speaking of guardian angels, ric :) I could feel my angel's presence as well...almost everyday :) like yesterday, my car passed a long strip of road with flood! I was caught off guard because the puddle splashed to my windshield so hard I had zero visibility for at least 10 seconds. it was the longest scariest 10 seconds of my life. good thing there were no cars in front of me or else I would have figured in an accident.


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