Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There’s just something about reality television talent/skill competitions that make me emotional.

More about the show here

I’ve read somewhere that to be who you want… have to surround yourself with people who you dream of becoming.

Let’s say in my case…a self-made billionaire…
So to be one…I have to surround myself with self-made billionaires.

Not only will I learn tips on how they made it…
I will also be constantly reminded by their presence that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
On days I feel like giving up, the mere thought of them will serve as my inspiration.

With these two inspiring entrepreneurs in spirit :)

Today I watched the replay of Isabela winning Australia’s first ever Junior Master chef title.
It was a nice episode to catch before going to sleep.
Imagine ending your day with the thought…that somewhere in this big wide world of ours…

Image of Queensland's Isabella from here 
Isabella gets a hug from twin sister. More here.

What do you do to get inspired? :)
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  1. I think they're so cute in that show. I wish Kallie would learn to cook since I am still hopeless at it. :)

    For me, inspiration is hard to count on. It is helpful to feed the soul, but it doesn't really get me through the day-to-day grind needed to produce something. What's been more helpful for me is to set systems that makes it possible to get up and deliver an output even when I am uninspired.

    Predictable time to wake up. To-do list written at the start of the week. Defined processes for types of projects I work on. Establishing routine for producing written outputs.

    In sum - Inspiration to get me fired up. Discipline to keep me going. :)

  2. I visit certain blog friends.

  3. awww, they're really too cute! junior chef is one of my daughter's favorite shows, she's turning 5 this month :)

  4. aw! she's so cute!! :)

    btw, I awarded you with a couple of awards :)

  5. Those Junior Masterchef kids are amazing. Sooo talented!!!! I only saw the every first episode and the season finale.

  6. Read -a blog that is contributed to the grand champion of Junior MasterChef, Isabella Bliss. Congrats and Take care.

    Read the tips and suggestions about cooking.


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