Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I remembered it vividly...the first time my sister and I were introduced to the wonderful world of Ultimate.
Our future teammates were on the field, throwing discs despite the drizzle.
The wind felt cold and it smelled of wet grass and soil steam.

My sister and I looked at each other with eyes filled with uncertainty and worry.
Without words, we knew what the other was thinking.
"What in the world are we getting ourselves into?"

Dumaguete 2010

Almost two years after...we are still playing the game...
still in the process of learning...
still feeling the frustrations that often come with intense competition...
still having the grandest time of our lives with the best teammates ever. I so sentimental?
Because last Sunday, rains greeted the second day of this year's summer league.
The cold wind brought me back to that day when my sister and I first picked up a disc. :)
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  1. my friend jonsey is crazy about frisbee too and he told me that frisbee players are heavy drinkers. they drink while playing! do you guys do that as well? :)

  2. yes, jonsey is right about frisbee players being heavy drinkers :) not all though... :) i'm just a light occasional drinker fashioneggplant :)

  3. I much preferred the rain over the heat! Sana umulan na lang every Sunday!

    Fashioneggplant, some people play beer-in-hand disc. I think the name kinda says it all.:)

  4. Happy anniversary. I know your team-mates are glad you and your sis discovered the sport.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  5. Yay! Happy anniversary! :P Saw you playing handler yesterday! Woohoo! :)

  6. you have to teach me how to be a handler lei! I'm really not good at it.

  7. I figured out from your commments on Tisha's page sometimes that you know her from Ultimate. I have another friend who is into that, Nina Buenaflor. Do you know her, too? We're very good friends... childhood friends and neighbors!

  8. fashioneggplant, I forgot to answer your question about frisbee players being heavy drinkers. :) many are indeed... :) there are occasional drinkers also and goodies who don't drink at all just like in any group! :)


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