Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Being our family's breadwinners, my sister and I don't usually go on trips some may describe as mere luxuries.
This year though, my friend Jacq's statement just hit home --

"What's money?
You can't bring it to your grave."

Here's my report on Boracay's tourism arrivals.
Known as the country's top tourist destination, the island boasts of fine white sand and clear waters.
Boracay was voted in 1990 as one of the best beaches in the world by BMW Tropical Beach Handbook.
Nine years after, it received the same recognition...this time from the British publication TV Quick.
In 2007, it topped Yahoo Travels' list of most popular beaches in the world.

Our two day visit in this paradise really was worth all the penny.

Off to paradise!

Special thanks to Fel for being the best bad influence ever...
...to James for making the trip possible and accompanying me to the internet shop so I could submit my story in time for yesterday's news...
...to Nino, Scotty for fixing my Mac's Garage Band...
...and to Blue who let me borrow his jersey so I'd look decent during my interview with the Mayor.
To all Circus freaks and frisbee friends who again made another one of our rare trips one adventure to remember, 'til our next escapade!

Bestest guy in the world, James

My walking forever buddy, Nino

Our madiskarte-sa-airport-guy, Scotty

The guy who went topless for me, Blue

The guy who endured my guess-what nonsense, Jones 

Friends who made our trip home more bearable, Ogee & Jacq

My girls...Frankie, Carla, Map and Maan
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  1. work hard, party hard! enjoy your money while you're still young and able to do things, just don't overdo it like i do! hahaha :)

  2. Everyone needs a break sometime. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Glad you had fun and hope you're fully recharged.

  3. fashion eggplant, don't worry...we may be young and able to do things but since we're breadwinners...we have limitations as well. we just relish each blessing. :)

    wenny, yes...fully recharged! :)

  4. Can't put a price on memories like that! :) Looks like a fun time... I have YET to visit Boracay! :( I'm going back to the Philippines for a visit in June but only for 2.5 weeks, barely enough time to visit all family and friends AND go to Bora! :(

  5. ang sexy mo naman roma!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Kym, you know what they say...you can make it happen if you want to :) *haha* *sorry...that's my friends' line when they were trying to convince me to splurge on bora*

    melai, asus...look who's talking! :) hahaha *love love*

  7. I can see the anticipation in your eyes in the first picture. I'm glad you had such a good time--and such good friends to share it with.

    Several people I've met on-line have gone to Boracay--and they've all been soooo excited about it.

    I need to do something spur of the moment. It's time to have some fun!!!

  8. Go Ric! Sometimes, life's greatest memories came from those spur of the moment decisions. :)


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