Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Saturday, my friends and I tried out "Toast Box" in Trinoma.
Immediately, we noticed some customers complaining about delayed even went home not waiting for the boiled eggs that come with her meal set.
I usually write personal assessments of new places I've even before entering the specialty restaurant, I already thought of writing a review of the place on this blog.

After experiencing what other customers were complaining about earlier, I suddenly felt hesitant to write an entry about it.
Being an entrepreneur myself, I could easily imagine the owner's reaction after reading a bad review of his restaurant.
Such reviews are not good for business and I, myself, would feel so down if I read anything bad about my product whether or not the criticisms were constructive.

In POPJUNKLOVE's booth in Rockwell with my sister

But then again, they say the TRUTH will set us free...hence the entry.
Also Trump University's Marketing 101 book insists feedback is key to the success of any business so I'll just console myself with the thought that I'll be able to do them more good than harm in the long run.

For me, I think the owners of "Toast Box" in Trinoma should improve their system of handling orders.
The staff there are still using the archaic method of laying out all receipts on the table then just crossing out one by one orders that have already been served.
The problem with the system is that the order of priority is compromised.
Some late customers get their food first, for instance.

In terms of quality and taste of food, I'll just give a personal review of my order and will inhibit myself from assessing my friends' meals based on their feedbacks.

For the night, I had their chicken noodle soup with sausage.
There wasn't any distinct Singaporean taste to it.
It actually tasted very similar to the country's version of chicken mami.

I checked its website and found out that the original version of the soup is called "Mama's Special Mee Siem". Instead of sausage, the original version has crispy fried bean curd to complement its 'zesty tamarind gravy'.
The owners may have reinvented the soup to suit the Filipino taste.
While this is a usual strategy, personally, I would have wanted to taste the Singaporean version.

The serving was big so I only had that one meal for the night.
If I still had room in my stomach though, I would have wanted to try its "Laksa Mee Tai Mak" and "Kopi".

Toast Box was first established in Singapore in 2005.
Singaporeans love their toast so the resto's coffee-and-toast combos were instant hits there.
Filipinos are not newbies to toasted bread but what makes the resto's toasts different is their thickness.
They're 2.5 cm thick...enough to make the surface crusty while maintaining the bread's soft inside.

It also serves Singapore's national breakfast, Kaya toast.
In it is butter and Kaya, also known as coconut jam.

More about Toastbox here

I'm sure I've lost many of you somewhere in the middle of this very long entry.
My only hope is that this could reach those who really needed to read this.
To the owners of "Toast Box",  I really do wish you all the best!
I'll come back to try out your Kopi.
That's a promise! :) Pin It Now!


  1. You're such a nice reviewer! But I guess it comes from being a bizniz woman yourself. :P I am not good at doing reviews so I don't do them haha.

    I love the little picture frames. :D

  2. lei, I grabbed the little picture frames from Toast box's website :) about you doing reviews, I'm sure you just got to give it a try :) hihee..knowing you...i'm sure you have lots of opinions! :)

  3. yummy. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now for a necklace from pure jewelry if you'd like to check it out. xx

  4. I'm too lazy to do reviews. :P By the way, I tagged you on a post! :)

  5. Better to share your views.

    Whenever I get a new waiter or waitress who is struggling to learn, I don't complain but I do give them encouragement and tips--like don't hide in the kitchen from your customers. Talk to thme, let them know if there's a problem in the kitchen, make sure they have drinks, relax and be friendly. Some don't like hearing that, but most seem to relax afterwards.

  6. that's nice of you ric :) sometimes reaching out is difficult especially if you're already hungry! lol


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