Saturday, April 30, 2011


Some may say it's the 1-sec long royal kiss.
Some may say it's the 1.5-sec long take two of the 1-sec long royal kiss.
But for me...

It's deciding to look like this on the date of the royal wedding itself.

No, I was not part of the entourage...
and yes, I've heard this same joke already and more!

Since I've already been teased all day long...
...might as well make the most out of my 'royal-wedding-ish' ensemble.

Got some attention away from the royal duchess...
Unlike the oh-she-looks-so-amazing-aww stares she got...
I received oh-look-there's-a-weirdo-over-there looks!

No matter...
I still feel like a princess...
...even if you put me in the middle of a parking lot! :)

Now all I need to do is...
wait for my prince!

If only wishing on a star would be enough? :)

in Get Laud's green Synnove dress
bag - thrifted
shoes - parisian
accessories - divi :)

So for now...
I'll just be thankful for friends who love to eat just like me...

...and friends who could even strike a meaner pose than me! :)

My photographer, Lauren :)
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  1. Well I love your dress, and you do look pretty! :) I live in SF, but I grew up in Manila :)

  2. Ah! You're dress is amazing! That color looks amazing on you.

    And does the kiss time even matter?! Haha.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Hehe, it's nice to look and feel like a princess sometimes huh! you look great.. hopefully you'll find your prince soon. I kept teasing my friend b/c she just recently got accepted into Harvard University so i said maybe she'll meet her prince there just like Kate and Wills. haha!

  4. LOL, you do look like a one should tease you for that!!! My wife recorded the Wedding and we're going to put it on DVD so she can keep it forever and ever. =)

    PS - Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight...your prince is waiting for fate to bring you two together.

  5. Sam :) thanks. when and why did you migrate though if you don't mind me asking? :)

    wida, it was really an issue for big media networks here in the was the most awaited kiss aka most audience-grabbing moment for news organizations so when it was only short...haha...they ended up just replaying it over and over! :)

    kym! I agree..harvard is a nice place to look for ones prince charming. hihee :) smart!!!

    ric, your wife's obsessed! but who isn't, right? it was a realy fairy tale story! :)

  6. What a stunning dress! I miss Get Laud na, haha.

  7. when I saw the dress...i thought...bestie would love this! :) they have these dresses in green, offwhite, black and light brown! :)

  8. i'm in love with your dress!!!! where is get laud? they used to have it in greenhills but they're gone! :)

  9. Moved here about 4-5 years ago, and lots of different reasons, one was that I just wanted something different. I'm lucky to have family in both sides of the world, so I fly back home like once or twice a year and stay for about a month :)

  10. fashioneggplant, get laud is everywhere!!! :) check out their fb page for the branches! :)

    sam, you are lucky!!! :) I like to travel! :)

  11. still feel like a princess...
    ...even if you put me in the middle of a parking lot! :) --? This should be a sticker or something. :D


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