Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was my first time to watch I am Number Four yesterday.
It was a nice film to watch with family and friends...
...but being the hopeless romantic that I siblings weren't surprised I was gushing over the lead actor, Alex Pettyfer, more than the film's technical aspects or substance.

Enduring my family's endless 'rolling of eyes', I disclosed my favorite line...

When we love, we love forever.

The lead character's guardian said this to explain why Alex can't seem to get over Glee's Quinn, Dianna Agron
Apparently, Alex's kind only falls in love once. 

Yes, yes...cheesy...I know.
One review even described it, "hilariously hokey line"...
But I don't care...'s what struck home so I have no plan of downplaying its significance.

Don't you want to be the type who loves one person forever?
or find the person who's just like that as well?

But alas...even I know that our so-called soulmate could fall out of love as well.
I admit...all of us could sincerely say, "I love you", more than once in our lives...

This, however, also means that heartbreaks are inevitable.
If you loved sincerely, of course...the world seems to end if the person you thought is the one...finds someone else.

This doesn't stop us from trying, right?
...because while we might not be the type who loves only one person forever...
eventually...we'll find that one person who'd choose to make the relationship work no matter what and choose you to be his/her one and only...
...FOREVER. :)

We must get our hearts broken sometimes.
This is a good sign...
...having a broken heart.
It means we have tried for something.
                                             -Elizabeth Gilbert, "Eat Pray Love"
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  1. Uuhuhuhuh, Alex looks pretty darn cute ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. I wanna watch this movie, too! Alex Pettyfer has come a long way from his Stormbreaker days. He IS a cutie! As for being a romantic, stay that way! :)

  3. Wida :) yes he is cute!!! :) lucky dianna. I think they're already engaged! :)

  4. Oh you have to watch it lei :) if not for the 'effects' for alex! hahaha :) i have an extra dvd copy if you want to borrow. :D

  5. I've not heard of this movie yet and probably won't be watching it in the cinema either ... I've got 2 men at home who'd gang-up their choice over this.

    Anyway, Elizabeth Gilbert is right. Trials and tribulations makes us stronger and wiser. Without them, we don't care to learn.

  6. oh wenny...i'm sure one of your men has already watched this. it's a totally men's flick! :) unless they're into artsy, indie films...then I am number four really has no chance! :)

  7. I agree with you. It is possible to say I love you to more than one person--and mean it. But there's only one one and only who we love forever and can have that amazing, committed relationship with.

    It's good to be a romantic! =)

  8. Guys don't usually like to admit their romantics, ric! :) i'm glad you're not one of them :) your wife is lucky! :)

  9. wow, when we love, we love forever....sigh!

  10. Haven't seen this yet but may just have to watch it.

  11. Romaaa...

  12.'re giving me a hard time...i was trying to move on already from this impossible dream...hahaha :)


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