Monday, April 11, 2011


Some may find people who give importance to dressing up...shallow...
But not 57 year old Carlos Antolo of the Philippines.

Mister Antolo is a former security guard turned newsboy of Lucena City, Quezon.
In his coat and tie, slacks and leather shoes...Lucena's very own eccentric newsboy pedals his way through the city everyday, unmindful of the scorching heat.
He wears a rain coat when weather is bad but says, "I still wear polo and tie under..."

Inquirer correspondent Delfin Mallari Jr. asked him why he decided to dress up when other newsboys in the area favor comfort and wear only t-shirts, shorts and slippers...
Mister Antolo says:

"I believe I am able to put respect 
and dignity to newspaper vending 
no matter how lowly it is 
in the eyes of other people."

Full article here

So next time you put on your shirt...
...maybe you could add on something a scarf or a pin...
You never know...
This simple effort to dress up might mean so much more to some people. :)

Me, myself and my belts, scarves, accessories!
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  1. this is sooo cool! if this we're on fb i'd ask if i could share it. It's people like him that make a difference in this world. i love the level of dignity he lives his life in.

  2. fashioneggplant, my post has share button at the bottom in case you really want to repost :) I also grabbed the story from a newspaper 'cause I thought he really deserved all the attention. Mister Antolo made me smile today and for entry just for him :)

  3. When we were doing chores around the house on Saturday's, if my dad needed something from the hardware store or auto parts store, he wouldn't go without shaving and cleaning up. He refused to go out looking ragged.

  4. then i love your dad also ric! hahaha :)

  5. This is really cool!

    Made me wish even more that I don't have to wear a corporate suit to work. Bah I'm selfish lol.

  6. Each has his or her reasons to dress up or not to dress up :) it's fine either's just nice to know the logic behind how one presents himself or herself to the world :)

  7. Roma, checkitout!

    You're a midnight hustler! :P

  8. same here meream! hahaha :) imagine! a newspaper man in a formal suit! love it! :)


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