Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I know, I know I've been MIA lately...
I'll show you soon enough why...

For now though, I'll just show you the other things that have kept me from this wonderful world I share with you guys...

Didn't make it to the finals
But look at us...
Don't we look like champions!? :)

Rode the official party bus on our way to the league party!!!


Danced my heart out with friends and hairography partner, Tish

Hmmm...I was planning to include photos of my recent food trips with my officemate loves and some of our business adventures.

But apparently, I can't upload photos anymore. 
Google notification said I used up my 1G free photo space.

I was supposed to end with "Living a Full Life!"
Unfortunately, with this photo problem unresolved...the better ending might be...

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  1. That looks like a fun group--win or not. I'm glad you find time away from working to have fun with them.

  2. Sign up for Photobucket dear, for free image hosting. (:

  3. you all look like champions! sorry i can't help you with that google thing. im the "un-techiest" person in the whole world. hope it doesn't happen to me, if i come across an answer somehow, ill let you know :)

  4. Dance partner! Tomorrow night's the night! Nagtatampo si Maan. Haha

    Gali and I talked about how he was traded for Putow, Gary, and Nino. Ang laki naman ng sweldo ni Gali! Hahaha

  5. ric, bestie, fashioneggplant, tish! :D miss seeing your comments here!'s been awhile :)

    ric, I promise I'll get back on our long-comment-relationship soon enough.

    bestie, how does that work? hmmm...

    fashioneggplant...thanks :) did you see bestie's comment? photobucket may be the answer to our problems. :D

    Tishie!!! You lost me at the first haha...gali? and trade??

  6. Oh, Gali normally plays for Rogers/Roaches, and the three normally play for you guys. So parang you got Gali for the price of three...sorry, I think in NBA terms kasi! Haha


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