Saturday, March 26, 2011


To know if a business will boom or not...they say you need to stick it out for two years.
Those who are able to hurdle that two years of uncertainty, they insist, will have a bigger chance of making it big or at least surviving for years to come.

For small entrepreneurs, like me, however...TWO-YEARS is a long wait.
When you've already invested all your savings to a business whose return you'll only feel after two years, the pressure is on 24/7.

That's why I try my best to support my entrepreneur friends.
In my years in business, I realized that the crucial-two-year period seems more bearable with friends who support you all the way.

Enzo and Jacq pay me a show-of-support visit in our
Iskrambol booth in Rockwell! :)

Last friday, my sister and I went to Red Rock Nail Spa in Merville Access Road, Paranaque City.
My friend, Sherwin Salazar, is part-owner of the spa.
I must say...I was really impressed.
I like the spa's relaxed ambience and classy feel.

Had my nails done! :)

There are numerous spas offering the same tranquil environment.
Personally, I think what sets Red Rock Nail Spa apart is its creative discounts and promos.
The spa offers pampering for kids as well.
Oh how I wish Red Rock already existed when I was a kid! :)

Sher is also a veteran athlete.
That's probably why their spa offers packages for athletes as well, male and female alike! :)

DLSU Green Archers' Team Captain Simon Atkins
Last four photos courtesy of Red Rock Nail Spa

These are just some of the promos offered by Red Rock Nail Spa.
To know them on facebook and visit their page. :)

Congratulations, Sher and partners! :)
We'll be rooting for you all the way.
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  1. that's so cool! Joan is a friend of mine :)

  2. That's a fun idea, to treat a little girl like a long as she doesn't act like a princess and expect the treatment. =)

    You're a good friend.

  3. Bah it's too far! LOL. :P
    A spa party would be great.

  4. I SO need a lovely spa day. It sounds amazing. I want to feel like a princess! Hehe!

  5. Ric, i agree...just like in the case of women...we crave for days we could be treated as princesses...but wouldn't we be an irritating bunch if we expect THAT'S HOW WE SHOULD BE TREATED? :)

    fashioneggplant, I'm friends with one of the owners, Sher. I haven't met his other partners though like Joan. Have you been to their place already? :)

  6. Oh maggeygrace, with your outfit look like a princess already.'s near nalang barracks. just 15 mins away with traffic :) 30p toll :D see...go now! :)


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