Monday, March 7, 2011


I almost said no to the challenge.
Good thing I didn't.
Here are some snapshots of my first ever stint as stylist for UPJMA's S.O.S Fashion Show.

with Steph's trustee iron :)

It was the first ever fashion show as well for POPJUNKLOVE so just imagine how ecstatic we were.

My models, my sister Selia and her friend Agot, wore some of POPJUNKLOVE's newest embellished tees.

To stay true to POPJUNKLOVE's quirky spirit, I wanted a more laid back ensemble for my sister...a get-up she could wear in school or in malls. 
To show though that POPJUNKLOVE's funky items could be 'sexy' as well, I put Agot in heels and high-waisted shorts to complement her animal-printed detachable bow pin. :)

Of course...POPJUNKLOVE's upcycled accessories finished off their looks.

POPJUNKLOVE rings and bracelets from
bottle caps,  legosscrabbles,
vintage buttons and tape measure

In case you haven't read "My Major, Major Blooper", my camera died right before my sister did her catwalk.
I was able to take one decent photo of Agot though...using my cellphone.
Thank God! 

Agot nailed it! :)
Yey! :)

One downside -- I look like trash beside my models.
But hey, good looking, nicely-styled models are compliments to their stylists, right? YEY! :)

Glad I stepped out of my comfort zone :)

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  1. Aww awesome styling, Roma! Good job. <3 more to come!

  2. Beautiful blog, amazing clothes ! watch my new fashion blog!

  3. Wow, three pretty, well-accessorized girls. You each represented the business very well--and Agot did strike quite a pose.

  4. thanks ric...though I think (except for the accessories) I represented GET LAUD more in these photos :) haha.

  5. and case you're wondering, Ric, GET LAUD sponsors the clothes of RPN9's lady reporters. :)

  6. I was going to Goggle that! =)

    About washing and drying the trucks, that was unusual, but I didn't want anything to happen to them.


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