Thursday, March 3, 2011


This video took my sister and her friends years to finish.
Work and reality sometimes get in the way of things you enjoy doing, right?
For many, combining work and love is the ultimate goal.
But until then...we're all just happy to be able to squeeze into our schedules hobbies that do not feel like work at all... in this case, finishing this short clip entitled, "Toy Day Adventure". :)

"Toy Day Adventure"
More about POPJUNKLOVE's HAVE NOTS video here 

Aren't they the cutest!!!?
I just want to hug them forever.
I'm so proud.
They're all so 'natural' in front of the camera, right?
*twinkle, twinkle*

Speaking of adventures...
one of our reporters, Meanne Los Banos, will be venturing into one herself.
Following RPN9's controversial "sign off'", she found a new home in TV5.
Today's her last day.
We love you, Meanne!

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  1. Please tell your sister and her friends they did a great job. You're right to feel proud. =)

    It's AMAZING how very different everyone looks in the first picture versus the second--except for Meanne, she looks consistent. I didn;t recognize you in the first one!

  2. Aww talaga? Good for her! Siguradong malayo ang mararating ni Maeanne. <3 and you Roma, any definite career plans yet? (:

  3. Good job, Maan!:D

    Where'd they shoot the scene with the toys playing cards? (The one with the Sabella chair from Dimensione.) Pretty cool, mod-looking place.

    I miss you and Maan. I don't get to train with you anymore.:(

  4. haha, that video is so cute!


  5. Ric, I still look like myself in the first one!!! :) only cuter! hahaha

    bestie, busy with bazaars but still with rpn. still waiting for the right time :)

    Tishie, I don't get to train anymore as well! :) I'll ask maan about your sounds so jargon-ish to me! hahaha

  6. you guys are so talented! that could very well be a music video on mtv! amazing! :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!

  7. I tried looking for your name and I found out you really go by the name Ms. Eggplant :) thanks for the nice words. the team who worked on the video are behind some of our local artists' MTVs :)

  8. roma.. it has been months since this blog was made..and i read it just now. aaawww.. so touched..
    i miss my rpn days.. i miss you, my good friend :) i love you!



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