Monday, March 28, 2011


This year's Earth Hour radio ad is calling for environmental awareness beyond the hour we've been asked to switch off our lights.

One could help Mother Earth, it insists, by walking instead of driving to a nearby location or fixing instead of ignoring a busted faucet.

Yesterday, I was fixing some of POPJUNKLOVE's photo albums and I sister and I have been going beyond the required one hour for Mother Earth for years.

Our first ever product is one proof--- Embellished Tees.
Since we didn't have much capital to begin with, my sister and I looked for stuff just lying around in our house.
Instead of spending money on T-shirt printing...we just designed pins from our home's very own 'junk' and VOILA!!!

My sister prefers to use the term, "upcycle".
For her, we don't just recycle...we bring new life and purpose to what others already considered junk.
The first recorded use of the term, according to Wikipedia, was in Reiner Pilz's interview in 1994.
Pilz lamented the way junk are smashed and downcycled.
He called for "upcycling where products are given more value not less".

Bottle cap rings

Our notebook collection, for instance...
These babies are made up of used bond papers.
Instead of just re-using the papers as scratch...we transformed them to quirky, fun brand new notebooks.

Recycled Notebooks

Our keychain plushies are another example.
After realizing there's so much excess cloth from our HAVE NOTS collection, we created these cuties so no cloth will go to waste.

Keychain Plushies

While it appears POPJUNKLOVE is the one giving back...
In is Mother Earth who's doing us a favor.
Not only is 'upcycling' cutting down our production costs...our upcycled creations are automatic standouts in what seems to be a sea of mass produced items.

For this...

Do your part today and discover
what Mother Earth has in store for you :)

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  1. Will definitely buy some of POPJUNKLOVE's product when I get to Manila soooon :)

  2. Waste not, want not. You're doing a great job not wasting. We're really good at turning off lights, but we waste too much. My wife over buys food and a lot ends up going bad. I'm working on her! =)

  3. Thanks fan fan :) we'll have a number of bazaars in the coming weeks :) when are you flying to Manila? :)

    ric, I heard that's a problem of a lot of families in the states. buying loads of food that often go to waste... :(

  4. Aww you girls make the awesomest things, I suwear :)

  5. Thanks meream! :) you make the awesomest things as well!!! :)


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