Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As I was feeling the normal jitters that come a few seconds before I go on air...
I looked at the teleprompter and thought of the Lord.
My normal routine is to re-read the script on the prompter but for some unknown reason, my thoughts just veered towards Him.
Instantly, I felt relaxed and knew that everything's going to be alright.

At that exact moment, I said to myself...
I want a sincere relationship with the Lord.

I've had my share of what seemed to be unanswered prayers....
but even then, I never once questioned His existence.
I truly believe I've personally encountered Him in my life.

Once during a devastating break up...
Back then, I drowned myself in the company of afraid to be alone.
Unfortunately, even if I went home in the wee hours of the morning...I still slept alone...alone in my bed...alone in my thoughts.
One night, I felt so depressed I just cried out, "Lord, help me."
I opened the Bible and my eyes immediately landed on the perfect verses.
The verses talked about someone telling another to just cry her heart out... weep 'til all the pain goes away... BELIEVE that IT WILL ALL GO AWAY...

For me, it was God's way of reaching out to me.

My support system :)

I still don't know what prompted this sudden longing for the Lord.
...maybe it has something to do with Eat Pray Love which I started reading again over the weekend.
Whatever the reason though...I'm glad I got to reflect on my relationship with God.
For now, I'll just think of it as another milestone in my quest to be a better person.

Just to end this entry...I'd like to share a quote I chanced upon Wenny Yap's wonderful blog, Inside My Bubble Today...
I think of this quote every time I interact with friends and strangers alike.
I may not be the Lord's perfect disciple yet but at least I'm making an effort. :D

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Monday, March 28, 2011


This year's Earth Hour radio ad is calling for environmental awareness beyond the hour we've been asked to switch off our lights.

One could help Mother Earth, it insists, by walking instead of driving to a nearby location or fixing instead of ignoring a busted faucet.

Yesterday, I was fixing some of POPJUNKLOVE's photo albums and I sister and I have been going beyond the required one hour for Mother Earth for years.

Our first ever product is one proof--- Embellished Tees.
Since we didn't have much capital to begin with, my sister and I looked for stuff just lying around in our house.
Instead of spending money on T-shirt printing...we just designed pins from our home's very own 'junk' and VOILA!!!

My sister prefers to use the term, "upcycle".
For her, we don't just recycle...we bring new life and purpose to what others already considered junk.
The first recorded use of the term, according to Wikipedia, was in Reiner Pilz's interview in 1994.
Pilz lamented the way junk are smashed and downcycled.
He called for "upcycling where products are given more value not less".

Bottle cap rings

Our notebook collection, for instance...
These babies are made up of used bond papers.
Instead of just re-using the papers as scratch...we transformed them to quirky, fun brand new notebooks.

Recycled Notebooks

Our keychain plushies are another example.
After realizing there's so much excess cloth from our HAVE NOTS collection, we created these cuties so no cloth will go to waste.

Keychain Plushies

While it appears POPJUNKLOVE is the one giving back...
In is Mother Earth who's doing us a favor.
Not only is 'upcycling' cutting down our production costs...our upcycled creations are automatic standouts in what seems to be a sea of mass produced items.

For this...

Do your part today and discover
what Mother Earth has in store for you :)

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


To know if a business will boom or not...they say you need to stick it out for two years.
Those who are able to hurdle that two years of uncertainty, they insist, will have a bigger chance of making it big or at least surviving for years to come.

For small entrepreneurs, like me, however...TWO-YEARS is a long wait.
When you've already invested all your savings to a business whose return you'll only feel after two years, the pressure is on 24/7.

That's why I try my best to support my entrepreneur friends.
In my years in business, I realized that the crucial-two-year period seems more bearable with friends who support you all the way.

Enzo and Jacq pay me a show-of-support visit in our
Iskrambol booth in Rockwell! :)

Last friday, my sister and I went to Red Rock Nail Spa in Merville Access Road, Paranaque City.
My friend, Sherwin Salazar, is part-owner of the spa.
I must say...I was really impressed.
I like the spa's relaxed ambience and classy feel.

Had my nails done! :)

There are numerous spas offering the same tranquil environment.
Personally, I think what sets Red Rock Nail Spa apart is its creative discounts and promos.
The spa offers pampering for kids as well.
Oh how I wish Red Rock already existed when I was a kid! :)

Sher is also a veteran athlete.
That's probably why their spa offers packages for athletes as well, male and female alike! :)

DLSU Green Archers' Team Captain Simon Atkins
Last four photos courtesy of Red Rock Nail Spa

These are just some of the promos offered by Red Rock Nail Spa.
To know them on facebook and visit their page. :)

Congratulations, Sher and partners! :)
We'll be rooting for you all the way.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At a time when almost all shops are struggling to make their products stand out from the rest...
a sincere compliment from a supporter is just...HEARTWARMING.

To Lorna and Yeng who love POPJUNKLOVE as much as we do...
...and to all others who continue to support us...

WE LOVE YOU :) Pin It Now!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Many of us spend hours, surfing the web...looking for outfit inspirations.
Sometimes, though...all we need to do... browse through our old photo albums at home.

My mom in plain pink top :)

It appears even guys then took the time to dress up. 

Look at those oh-lala pants!

Now you know why I'd rather look like my mom...
Sorry dad. : D

Test of true beauty: Bob hair!
Ma still looking great despite the short do! *Jealous*
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Monday, March 21, 2011


There are days when my sister and I ask why we endure the pressure and pains of managing a business on top of our day jobs...
Thanks to kids like Lukas...
All the doubts just go away.

Meet Lukas, 1.2 year old baby boy of my sister's officemate, Edge.
He got Seth as a gift.
They have been inseparable since.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Starting up a business...
joining bazaars...
...and almost killing ourselves in the process...
...are activities my parents, especially my dad, do not always support.

My dad often says, "Just concentrate on your career."
"All these mean nothing if you end up in the hospital."

There are days, though, when he's ALL OUT. 
Like yesterday...when he surprised us with this gift... article featuring my sister and I, wrapped and framed!

For the full article, read it here :)

Just like our love affair with frisbee... parents do not always GET IT...
But when they do...

Christmas gift from my loving parents

Of course, we could still do the things we believe we should do even without anyone's blessing or approval....
It just feels nicer knowing that those who matter...are rooting for you all the way. :)

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Like you, I've seen a lot of images of devastation from the recent earthquake that hit Japan.
But just when I thought I've seen almost all possible images of grief and suffering...
I chanced upon this photo of a scared panda posted on my friend's Facebook wall.

My gosh. I can't seem to think straight or move after.
I just wanted to look at the panda in the hopes that maybe by doing so...the panda will feel my overwhelming thoughts of love for him/her.

I'm sure many of you have seen this photo already.
I just wanted to share this (as promised) with Tish and Map who made my Friday a night to remember! :)

Another promise I made that night --- join Tishie's anniversary giveaway.
So here you go!
JOIN if you haven't yet!

Tishie's anniversary giveaway sponsored by Cocomo

Yeah, life does go on after a tragedy, a heartbreak, a disappointment...
But while many of us will be enjoying their summer soon...
Just don't forget to SEND THOSE THOUGHTS OF LOVE  to our brothers and sisters in Japan!


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Thursday, March 17, 2011


In case you'll encounter the same Google message, saying...
"'ve used up all your free space for photos!"...

or in this case, Bestie is here.
Yes, it was her advice that put an end to my photo dilemma.
Thank you, Bestie!

Here's how...
Sign up for Photobucket.
Upload your pictures there.
Each of your uploaded photos has a URL. Copy it.
When you're done, click the upload button on your 'New Post' page, click "From URL" then paste URL.

So, I guess I'm back!
Jumping off from my previous entry...
This is what I've been up to!

Hope you like POPJUNKLOVE's new home!
Wishing you all a productive weekend! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I know, I know I've been MIA lately...
I'll show you soon enough why...

For now though, I'll just show you the other things that have kept me from this wonderful world I share with you guys...

Didn't make it to the finals
But look at us...
Don't we look like champions!? :)

Rode the official party bus on our way to the league party!!!


Danced my heart out with friends and hairography partner, Tish

Hmmm...I was planning to include photos of my recent food trips with my officemate loves and some of our business adventures.

But apparently, I can't upload photos anymore. 
Google notification said I used up my 1G free photo space.

I was supposed to end with "Living a Full Life!"
Unfortunately, with this photo problem unresolved...the better ending might be...

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Friday, March 11, 2011


This is something we will never run out of even on the busiest, nerve-wracking, bad days.
Receiving a cute note from a colleague's daughter during a coverage is one example.

This is Ira's cute way of introducing herself. :)

Another is seeing a cute note posted on my officemate's desk from his son after a long day on the field ON A FRIDAY.

Who wouldn't smile after seeing that?!

Yes, there are endless reasons to smile even on bad days. :)
In case you need one this weekend... 


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Monday, March 7, 2011


I almost said no to the challenge.
Good thing I didn't.
Here are some snapshots of my first ever stint as stylist for UPJMA's S.O.S Fashion Show.

with Steph's trustee iron :)

It was the first ever fashion show as well for POPJUNKLOVE so just imagine how ecstatic we were.

My models, my sister Selia and her friend Agot, wore some of POPJUNKLOVE's newest embellished tees.

To stay true to POPJUNKLOVE's quirky spirit, I wanted a more laid back ensemble for my sister...a get-up she could wear in school or in malls. 
To show though that POPJUNKLOVE's funky items could be 'sexy' as well, I put Agot in heels and high-waisted shorts to complement her animal-printed detachable bow pin. :)

Of course...POPJUNKLOVE's upcycled accessories finished off their looks.

POPJUNKLOVE rings and bracelets from
bottle caps,  legosscrabbles,
vintage buttons and tape measure

In case you haven't read "My Major, Major Blooper", my camera died right before my sister did her catwalk.
I was able to take one decent photo of Agot though...using my cellphone.
Thank God! 

Agot nailed it! :)
Yey! :)

One downside -- I look like trash beside my models.
But hey, good looking, nicely-styled models are compliments to their stylists, right? YEY! :)

Glad I stepped out of my comfort zone :)

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