Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There are two schools of thought...
One says you have to focus on one task and one task alone....until you get it done.

"Is Multitasking Good or Bad?"
Full article here

Another school of thought insists that multitasking is "an effective management tool".

Funny article about multitasking
More on this here

Well, I'm a multitasker who wants to learn how to focus on only one task at hand.
This is hard, though, for a workaholic girl like me who admittedly just has too much on her hands.
So to keep me sane...I love love love love love making to-do lists.

My favorite multitasking activity, surfing and drinking coffee
Thank you Starbucks for my 2011 organizer.

Wonderful Abby of Robots in Trouble made a list of goals she'd like to achieve this week. She described them as SMALL GOALS but come to think of it...a goal...even the simplest, easiest never ever small, right?
Any goal is a step towards a DREAM, a TARGET, a DESTINATION...
...and accomplishing this, my dear Abby, is already a BIG achievement. :)

Like NO 11: Curl my hair, for instance, it's about CONFIDENCE
More dose of Abby here.

So what are my 14 to-do things in the next 7 days?
*Evil laugh*
This is so muuuuch fun!
*squealing like a true workaholic*

1. Post this entry.
2. Read the papers first before surfing the net.  
3. Make ISKRAMBOL mixtures for two upcoming events this weekend. 
4. Dress up extra for FRIDAY! :)
5. Be inspired. Watch "TANGLED". 
6. Eat good food without the 'expensive bill' guilt.
7. Satisfy my vanity. Have a camwhore day!

with Emmy taken long, long time ago 

8. DVD day. "The Tourist" with family.
9. Finish POPJUNKLOVE's zipper dangling earring product line.
10. Replenish POPJUNKLOVE's bottle cap ring collection.
11. Study a dance routine on You Tube then dance my heart out.
12. Organize a new "inspiration, confidence-boosting" IPOD playlist. 
13. Have at least one good defense block, one good cut, one good assist and one good end-zone catch during this weekend's frisbee matches.
14. Pray and meditate.

Grabbed from our dance routine video at the office
Our anything-goes choreography! :)

Ooooh. I cannot wait.
*squealing like a true workaholic* :)

Now it's your turn.
Are you a mono or a multitasker? :)

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  1. oh my my ! i love the list! i can tell that you're a workaholic because you exceeded the required list of 7 !!! ^__^ i like! so... yesterday i started reading a book.. that's one thing ! lol! today im going to bake cupcakes and another thing... hehhee... gosh... i wish you the best of luck on getting to do all of this and wish me luck on doing mine! hehhe....

    gosh... btw i lovvvveeee workaholics! they make work look so easy and fun!!! ^__^ keep up the good work hun!

  2. oh my! really!? I exceeded?! Hahahaha. Good luck abby! We could do this!

  3. That's a great list--but I hope to dress down extra on Friday! You should video your dance routine. =)

    If I have something critical to finish, I go mono. But in th emodern worlf we usually have no choice but to multi.

  4. haha..ric...if we're not doing our anything-goes choreography..I would have no shame posting it here! So I better do no.11 on my list so you'll see a different post here.


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