Sunday, February 13, 2011


(“Mr. Bright Side” playing at the background)
Guy1:                        Hi. Are you bride?
Roma:                        Sorry…?
Guy1:                        Are you bride?
Roma:                        Sorry I don't understand you.
Guy1:                        I mean…are you a bride? Like the song…
Roma:                       (confused look)
Guy1:                        You know…bride…married?
Roma:                        No. (smiled then looked for my friends)

Guy2:                         Hi. Would you like to dance with me?
Roma:                        (Shaked my head no)
Guy2:                         If I buy you a drink…would you dance with me?
Roma:                        (Disappointed look) Sorry no…
Guy2:                         At least give me your name…
Roma:                         No..sorry…
Guy2:                         You don’t have a name…?
Roma:                         No…I have a name….I just don’t want to give it to you.

(Moving to another place)
Guy2:                        (Handed me a piece of paper)
                                  In case you change your mind…
Roma:                        (Shocked look) Sorry…I won’t.

(Guy approaching with her girlfriend)
Guy3:                        Hi. Meet my wife.
Roma:                       (Smiling to his wife) Hi.
Guy3:                        (Whispering) Sorry I’m taken. If I'm not...
                                  I'll be one of these guys vying
                                  for your attention.
Roma:                       (Moving away, disappointed)

With my single friends, Dale, Phoebe and Diane
First time in Republiq Club

I’m not the bar-type kind of girl but last Friday…I tried barhopping for a change.
Like what they say, “If you want something different, you have to do something different.”
Plus I thought…I’ll get to dance…how bad could it get?

My facebook status before my trip to
Rogers Bar in Roxas, Distillery in Eastwood and Republiq Club in Pasay 

Hmmm…so what did I learn….
…that it’ll be very difficult to find THE right person in bars.
But hey, I’m still not totally closing my mind on the idea.
I was there.
There’s also a chance a guy just like me wanted to do something different for that night.
Who knows…he might even have a good pick up line compared to guys 1,2 and 3…

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  1. thanks lei. Happy valentines to you and carpet head! :)

  2. You're right. you never know when you'll meet that person. I met my wife the first time i went roller skating.

    Line? Hmmm, I don't have any, I just say whatever pops into my head when I meet a person. I never had any lines.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. LOL! it must be really hard to be a guy. hahaha... some of them just doesn't know what to say... or they come off as an asshole when they probably really aren't . haaha... but guys 1-3 here are just plain weird! LOL

  4. ric, i find it hard to believe you don't have a line...*lol* ric who always has a thing or two to say even on the topic of pronouns, I'm sure, will have unlimited supply of lines if the occasion warrants it.

    abby, yeah...I agree with you :) rejection is not an easy. To help me feel less guilty though...I always say women are the ones who have to carry a baby for nine months. *lol* :)

  5. I would probably just give my number to a girl and tell her it would be nice to talk with her over coffee sometime--and that she could bring a friend too. No pressure, just getting to know each other a little.

    And then I'd tell her that her eyes sparkle in a way I've never seen before, that I was a little intimidated about talking to her, but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't.

    Hahaha, see, I told you, I can't come up with good lines!!! When I talk with people I just be myself and whatever happens, happens. =)

    But seriously Roma, you know, I'm a little older than you and the course of my life is pretty much set. But I do hope that in our next lives we're both born in a time...and a place...that allows us to meet while we're both unattached.

    How was that for line??? Better? I'm going to stop now. I don't want to accidentally activate my dormant "line gene"--that's the male equivalent to the "shoe gene". =)

    Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

  6. gosh...THAT WAS ONE UNEXPECTED LINE. I never saw that one coming. hahahaha :) and take note...I think this is your longest comment EVER! :) thanks ric. hope you and your family had one special 2011 valentines! :)

  7. The best line is no line at all. Pero, te, haba ng hair, three pickups in one night! Haha

  8. Haha. I'm sure you would have had four tishie if you were there! :)

  9. Masyado ka namang bilib sa akin. Haha. I give off a married vibe so guys steer clear.:)

  10. ay pua nga na supposedly they know your status already doesn't mind your "I'm married" vibe...what more outside where they don't know you at all :) yes tish, bilib ako sa yo. *lol*


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