Friday, February 4, 2011

IT'S OUT! IT'S OUT! first 'random' photo by Ira Giorgetti, Rockwell's in-house photographer.

Yeah, yeah I know...
I look like Miss Piggy here.
But I don't care! :D

Lately, I am so obsessed with mah BOOTS!!!!
I've been wearing them everywhere despite non-stop stares from people who don't understand why anyone would wear booties in a tropical country.
But again, I don't care.
They make me happy.
That's what matters, right?

Oooh, mah Christmas Santas...

I LOVE SHOES in general.
So usually, I just obsess about this idea of having tons of them.
I rarely have a specific shoe in mind.
Right now though...I have and I can't get it out of my head.

Ziortza of z's closet, I LOVE YOUR SHOOOOEEEESSS!!!

Oooh, girls and their obsession with shoes!
Many, I'm sure, have given up trying to figure out why.
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  1. Bet ko nga yang boots mo eh! Love it! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Ira does great work!!! But if you looked like Miss Piggy, he failed to capture that. =)

  3. you're too sweet ric! But don't argue with me on this...*lol* my face really does look chubby here. maybe it's the hair. oh I don't know! *lol*

  4. Thanks!!don't worry, it's a pleasure for me! I bought them 2 weeks ago, so maybe you can still get them!have a nice week!!xxx

  5. Love the whole get up! Pretty Roma :D

  6. Your boots are insane and gorgeous! I wish I could wear such awesome boots but I am seriously the BIGGEST clutz in the entire world! You definitely look as amazing as these models in them!

  7. thanks z, fan, maggeygrace! :D *hugs*

  8. Yaaay you look so cute Roma! Miss Piggy ka dyan? Haha. I say, keep wear them boots and to hell with everyone's stares! :D

  9. Yes bestie :) I'm getting used to those stares anyway...even from my closest friends :D


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