Monday, February 14, 2011


Yes, I'm really really really really really having a bad morning.
Hope it doesn't continue for the rest of the day.


One happy thought:
Just some of the chocolates I received
for Valentines day...
The rest already eaten or shared
before I took this photo...

Thinking of my bad game last Sunday isn't helping.
Good thing I watched Junior Masterchef and Live to Dance, right after.
I saw others who are worse off but didn't give up on their dreams.
Thinking about them again today is making me smile.
Again, hats off to all of them!

I also read an interesting quote yesterday by Consuelo Perez Ortiga, a young woman who kept a diary of her affair with Jose Rizal, my country's national hero.
Oooh. I love learning new perspectives regardless of whether I agree with them or not. :)

"Hearbreak marked Rizal's love life"
By Bryan Anthony C. Paraiso
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Full article here

Just writing this entry about some of the things I should be happy about is already putting me in a good mood.
Thanks guys for always listening...or I think in this case the better term is..."reading".
I am so lucky! Thank you Lord. :)

Edited this post to include these new photos.
See...God loves me!
Another batch of chocolates just this morning! Yey!
With my new friend, Grace Casin of UNTV

Today's turning out to be a good day after all. :) Pin It Now!


  1. Aw sorry to hear that dear, but hopefully things will turn up soon enough! <3

    No I won't be at the bazaar eh, it's too far! :c

  2. oh :( sad. I thought you're going to be there :(

  3. happy thoughts! happy thoughts!

    you should blast your radio and listen to good songs! it always eases me when i get a bad day {:

  4. i tried that one earlier but it didn't work! *lol* I think I should have used earphones so the songs are blasted directly to my ear. that way...I would not be able to hear my negative thoughts. *happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts*

  5. Hiya Roma! I've missed dropping by your blog.
    Hope Feb15 was much better for you :)

  6. The combination of Grace and the chocolate appears to make you very happy. If I knew you were having a bad day, I would bring them both to you right away! =)

    Oh, sometimes when I'm trying to convince myself to think happy thoughts, it helps if I take "cleansing breaths"'s calming.

    It is hard to have a giveaway and not have everyone win. Last time I had a giveaway I planned to give 3 items, but increased it to 8. Even that left me feeling bad. But you're right, if everyone wins, then it's not as exciting.

  7. rep: thanks for reading the quote on my blog! {: i think only two people read it. what a shame :[

  8. i tagged you on my latest post!
    check it out over here:
    ENJOy! ^__^

  9. meream, i miss you!!! :) was wondering what happened to you!

    abby, thank you. I'll check it out.

    Ric, what are cleansing breaths? how do you do that? is that the inhale-exhale exercise?

  10. Slowly in through your nose, out through your might be a Lamaze exercise, but I can't remember.

  11. okay ric, i'll research more on that then let you know :D


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